Sony Could Predict The Value Of Your NFTs In Near Future Using AI

Sony has recently published a patent that seeks to predict the values of NFTs in Sony games using AI to aid the unexperienced users.

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staticall68d ago

Sony is trying to dance on a thin ice, especially because they mention «to purchase the NFT associated with the digital asset illustrated» in the patent.
So you're playing the game, got trophy/achievement or just do some action (like kill a boss or something) and your Playstation be like «Hey, we have an NFT for that! Grab it! It will cost...» - it asks ML model to generate the price based on some arbitrary parameters - «10 ETH» or something.
Not something i want to every see when i'm playing the game, personally.

P. S.: I might be wrong, of course, but according to their examples in a "Summary" section - it looks like i'm right.

XiNatsuDragnel68d ago

Sony don't do this, this is what you call bad move

Knightofelemia68d ago

NFT's are a fad really means Not a Fucking Thing. I'd rather see Sony do something else like new games, new features, new talent. They are jumping in on the fad that will have no outcome.

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