Chris Avellone ‘awarded seven-figure payment’ after sexual harrasment claims settled

The 2020 accusations saw multiple developers cut ties with the Jedi: Fallen Order writer

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TheColbertinator74d ago

Maybe he can take over that KOTOR remake now

MadLad73d ago

Glad to see he came out of this on top. He's one of my favorites in the industry; amazing writer and team lead. It's also good he got a good paycheck out of this. Those two jackasses definitely cost him work over the last couple of years.

Inverno73d ago

Unfortunately the damage is done, and most will continue to see him as the villain regardless of what was decided in court.

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Barneyco73d ago

There is no shortages of aholes in the gaming industry who threw him under the bus without any facts. Destroy him first and we'll sort it out later.

frostypants73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Time to return the favor and remind everyone what these people did to him. They are complicit with those who made the false accusations.

GamingSinceForever73d ago

So in the end he gets paid and then asks that all respect the privacy of them two lying tricks? That’s strange as Hell.

Sounds like everyone got paid to just forget about it. Otherwise I would think those two would have been held accountable for telling a blatant lie.

babadivad73d ago

They never are, that's why this stuff keeps happening.

jznrpg73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

It is odd he is advocating for them when they are the cause of this situation . But I have met rare people like that who are very forgiving . Not many though.

We don’t know all the details so who knows. It does seem like they all got paid, but that’s is conjecture .

Shane Kim73d ago

There seems to be no punishment in accusing people for crimes they didn't commit. At least not when it comes to [email protected] and physical abuse from men to women.

Michiel198972d ago

@sinceforever it's legally settled, I wouldn't wanna be reminded of the situation daily either by throwing them under the bus on twitter daily, even when that would be justified. Also if he applies for a new job, it's never a good look to have your socials filled with trying to give them payback, even when he is in the right.

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BandarHub73d ago

At the end of the day Karissa Barrows and Kelly Rae Bristol lie and got caught. They could not sustain their lies in from of the judge.
And also the wording of the title should be different and most honest. It makes it sound like they have reached a settlement where Chris is the one that yielded when it was the accusers that got caught lying, they are the ones who had to settle.
It is a shame, although he got paid large sum his reputation is still ruined, I don't think that he will be working again after that.

zaanan73d ago

Ideally he should have held out for convictions for those liars. But I understand the financial pressure he is under - he is now a pariah in his chosen field of work despite the facts, and his attorneys are probably getting a ton of this money anyways. However, if I were him, the terms would have included a public admission and apology from the two lying liars. Not the milquetoast “we were misunderstood” bullshit. They publicly accused him falsely, so they need to admit it and apologize to him in front of the world.

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