Immerse yourself in Gran Turismo 7 on PSVR2

Ethan of Goodwood RR writes: "If the mission in sim racing, or indeed any car game, is as much immersion as possible, getting as close to the machines we love as we can without having to actually pay for and run them, then VR is surely the way forward.

As we can see here, the thrills (and terrors) of the Nürburgring are there to be enveloped in. Ride on board as this player races a hyper hybrid Ferrari FXXK track car around the green hell, in near perfect virtual reality. Be sure to watch in 4k."

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S2Killinit74d ago

How good is this? You wont know. Until you know!

SullysCigar74d ago

CRAZY good. Whenever I have gaming time, it starts with my dailies on GT7 since it launched on VR.

I do my 26 miles to get my daily bonus for my car-buying pot and then I decide whether to carry on or to pace myself and move on to another game from the launch library. I'm so addicted, it's hard to swap the game though. I just love playing this with my Spotify playlist cranked.

Anyone else fist pump or raise the bird as they cross the finish line in 1st? Just me? Lol

Bathyj74d ago

I've flipped off cars I pass and given them the Luigi death stare, as if they can see any of that.

darkrider74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

This Gen racing games made a huge step with psvr2. I hope more games give this option. Because this is the best way to play a racing game. There isn't any comparison.

We have talked so much about the king of racing, but now there is a reality before vr and another after vr. It's freaking amazing.

Knushwood Butt74d ago

Anyone know what event that is in the video, or is it a custom race?

SullysCigar74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Don't know - I was trying to work out if he was racing AI or human racers. You can see them come off the track a few times in the replay, so I'm leaning towards good human drivers? Do the events stack, so we can visit any time? I've been wanting to do the '60s Honda formula car race everyone online raved about a week or so ago...

So good to see proper racing sites like Goodwood RR recognising what a game changer this is! Check out from the 12 minute mark - you see the air get under the car and he nearly takes off! He hits almost 220mph at one point, so fair play for his skills.

Anunnaki74d ago

Custom race VS AI probably set to Easy. You can tell because there is no way he would scream past identical cars if they had human drivers and because it features a grid start.

nzjono74d ago

Yes but it does not look anywhere near this good in the headset. I mean it works very well, the colours are great and the VR aspect of it does work BUT it does not come close to the fidelity and draw distance etc on a high end PC set up like a HP Reverb G2 and a new RTX card. Dont get me wrong I love playing the entire GT game in VR with a very simple setup unlike the PC which is a constant pain to make sure all is working correctly . Just don't try a high end PC sim racing setup and then jump back on this, you'll just frustrate yourself knowing how much better VR can be.

mudakoshaka74d ago

I have the Reverb G2 (RTX 3080) and PSVR2. Flight simulator looks really great but PSVR2 is kind of on that level now!

nzjono73d ago

I have the same setup (3090 instead of the 3080) and look PS2 VR is amazing for what it is but playing the likes of Kayak VR game back to back on both systems you can see how the pc can put in so many more high end effects that are quite noticeable compared to the PS5 version. Playing some of the same tracks in Gran Turismo VR and Project Cars 2 in VR on the PC and again it is a noticeable difference and visual upgrade. Its not a deal breaker and unless you are fortunate enough to have both setups then you would never know but it is there.

mudakoshaka73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

The only thing I will give to PCVR is that it can be a bit sharper, but then you get more vivid colors from the PSVR2 since it is OLED and that is why you lose a bit of that sharpness and get that "mura" effect, which can probably be resolved on the software end as many on YouTube have stated already. No controllers on the market beat the PSVR2, and having the head rumble is just the cherry on top, which makes the gaming more fun and immersive! I have been using PCVR since like 2018 starting with the Rift S, but, man, I have not enjoyed PCVR as I am doing with the PSVR2. I just want to jump back in! Even if I had the Pixma 8K with a RTX 4080, I think I would still prefer playing on the PSVR2. I got kind of a beast of a computer (DDR5, i7 12-series, PCIe-4 SSD) and a really great VR headset when it comes to picture quality, but I only play like Flight Simulator from time to time on the PC and when there is a PCVR exclusive game like Half-Life: Alyx (which are more of a rarity these days, to be honest). I think the PSVR2 will take VR to another level if people just see what a great headset it is! Not the best picture quality on the market, but it is still competing with finest VR brands. Think of it like this video below. The PSVR2 would be the Skoda and the Lamborghini would be a Pixma running on a 3000 dollar PC :D

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