I switched from Xbox to PlayStation because of Microsoft's deep PC hooks

For PC gamers considering switching to PlayStation, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass really helps fill in the gaps.

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sammarshall10268d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I also switched from Xbox to PlayStation after Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 disappointed me, followed by a very disappointing Xbox E3 conference

I saw the Uncharted 4 jeep chase then I had a good dream that i bought a PS4 (no lie) I bought a PS4 the next week or so

Eonjay67d ago

I feel the same way in reverse. I was looking for a reason to buy an Xbox. Not really to switch but to have one for exclusives and I could never justify it based on the games. I didn't want them to buy the industry when those games were already coming to Xbox. I wanted them to spend those billions to make something brand new, top of the line AAA experience. People like me got completely ignored.

Vengeance113867d ago

PS5 + PC using Steam is the best combo

shinoff218367d ago


Only issue I have is I'd rather game on my TV and setting a a pc to my TV can be quite a pain in the ass. Maybe there's methods out there easier , but I just did the old hook up an hdmi cord and Bluetooth my controller. Alot of games still don't have controller support or good controller mapping aka og fallouts. I tried about a year and a half ago. It blew. I'm not much of a keyboard player. I just don't care for it.

Eonjay67d ago

PS5 + Steamdeck is also a good combo.

zacly67d ago

I just switched as well. Got sick of MS buying companies only to layoff employees. Then they wonder why they have no good exclusives. The ones that have come out struggled with their new developers (gears, halo) and the ones in the pipeline (Fable and Perfect Dark) seem to be a mess. Im still waiting on the Rare acquisition to pay off. Could've had a new Banjo Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini and Conker, but instead we got a super boring pirate sim. Hell use Rare to make the new Fable! Sad thing is that I have hundreds of games tied to my live account since I've been a Xbox owner since launch day of the original Xbox.

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kingnick67d ago

Rare lost much of their top talent before Microsoft acquired the studio. Microsoft has been letting Rare do what they want for a while now but their games just don't appeal to me like older N64 Rare titles.

LabRat66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

@Zacly - What makes you think Fable and Perfect Dark are a mess? I have seen nothing on either of those two games other than the announcement that they are in development. I'm only asking cause I like playground games and didn't know if I was missing gameplay somewhere

zacly65d ago

You sort of answered your question, there hasn't been really anything shown for either title and it's been years. Not just that though. There have been reports about the struggles in the development on both titles. One of which was a former worker commenting that Playground Games (the company making Fable) lacked people with knowledge on how to create RPGs. They are just used to making Forza games. As for Perfect Dark, last year it was reported that half the staff at The Initiative (the company making the game) left the studio.

neutralgamer199267d ago

I did the opposite and went from PlayStation to Xbox series X (will definitely get a PS5 later this year too)

I feel like with all the acquisitions from Microsoft they will be the best place to place my favorite genre of games (RPG's) but I can't give up on Sony's exclusives (GOW was awesome but I need to play more of them especially my favorite series ratchet and clank)

P_Bomb67d ago

With Mission: Acquisition going on, it’s not a bad idea to double up. I went with both PS5 and XSX this gen. Will feel safe no matter the outcome.

shinoff218367d ago (Edited 67d ago )


Depends on the type of rpgs you like. I like all of them which is why when starfield comes out ill cop an Xbox x but for the most part I prefer jrpgs which is why I stick with Sony and i just happen to enjoy most of their first party. Your right though if you can it's best to have both.

JackBNimble67d ago

The only thing keeping me on playstation is my digital library, and if ps5 wasn't BC I'd be going xbox.

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