Here are the five new cars set for Gran Turismo 7 this month

A DTM racer, two classic Porsches, a contemporary Mazda hatchback and.... a Toyota MPV, look set to be heading to Gran Turismo 7 in a matter of days.

SullysCigar65d ago

GT7 has to be approaching the 470 cars mark - anyone know the total?

IamTylerDurden165d ago

That was my problem with ppl judging the car count day 1 to Sport after 5 yrs. We all knew 7 would gain content over the yrs.

SullysCigar65d ago

That means I still have just under 400 more to get, as things stand. I've started using the 'wish list' system, so I get notified if any come up second hand or at the Legends dealership. Cool feature!

VR showroom is another game changer. I've spent countless hours in there - it's like my photo mode addiction all over again lol

EvertonFC65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I've only got 15 cars left to collect but unfortunately it's all the 15/20million credits cars which ain't happening lol.
I'm a diehard fan of GT since the beginning with 1000s of hours played and I went into the MT section on the cars I have left to see how much it would cost for the last 15 cars and I was staggered to realise it would cost me £270 to get those last 15 cars.
That's an absolute piss take and amazed no reviewer ever mentioned that in the review because PD need calling out on that tbh.

IamTylerDurden165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

U don't think 7 was called out for mtx? It's a great game with the lowest user score ever bc mtx. Everyone called them out. It's all u saw on YT, n4g, Twitter for months. PD issued statements, there were psblog articles. They were roasted and it crippled user reviews, pr, and sales. Everyone agrees the mtx was bad but the game certainly was not and tbf they are supporting it with yrs of free content and a free vr version which by comparison is hardly mentioned. Do critics ding AC and the like for bad mtx? There are numerous games with bad mtx and we hardly hear a peep. GT7 was obliterated for it my dude.

where-eagles-dare65d ago

I have over approx 410 cars including all the top tier expensive models. I only have to scoop up the remaining 50 or so cheaper 1 million and below vehicles to complete the set.

I have not had to pay any real money whatsoever. All done on the track.

Do the Sardegna track during the day, I use the Toyota TS050 Hybrid, tweaked the car settings accordingly in order to be allowed to enter.

I win easily in approx 25 minutes or so. I'm ahead by over a minute & only have to pit once. I listen to my music on Spotify while I'm racing. I get a win bonus each and every time. So for 25 mins I get, I think it's 715 thousand off the top of my head.

For 50 minutes, brings in nearly 1.5 million. At my peak I bought a 20 million car, from zero in the bank, in about 5 days of play.

VariantAEC61d ago

For 35 mins in Circuit De La Sarthe you can get 825k credits for a clean race driving the Toyota Gp. 3 car configured for 700PP (racing soft tires unless it rains, you'll need to pit once for fuel anyway).
Even on the hardest difficultly the race is winnable with about a 20 second lead on 2nd place. Every hour and 10 minutes 1.65M credits. Fastest way to earn credits available in the game currently.

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InUrFoxHole65d ago

Funny they can add that many but nba/nfl can't manage rosters

Knushwood Butt65d ago

Porsche 904 would be cool, as would the 959 although I think I'd prefer the rally version,

Toyota Alphard. Ugh, don't get me started on wagon (MPV) drivers,

UltimateRacer65d ago

The Alphard could be great with a few engine swaps. I’d love an Eskudo engine or Mclaren MP4 in that thing.

Elit3Nick65d ago

An Escudo swap would be kinda difficult, given that it has two motors

Elit3Nick65d ago

Starting to see mid 2000s JDM Alphards around in Canada. They seem like good vans, although the Odyssey Absolutes would be the one I would recommend my parents if they want to replace the Caravan someday.

IamTylerDurden165d ago

For all the criticism of greed it continues with free content and a free PSVR2 edition. Not to say the mtx weren't bad but it'd be nice if ppl at least give credit where credit is due. The effort and cost of PSVR2 and yrs worth of free content must be considered.

Aloymetal65d ago

I'm having a blast with gt7+VR2. I play the game 4-5x a week and I refuse to go back to flat screen;)

SullysCigar65d ago

I'm in deep here. Love my T300RS wheel, but I'm already eyeing up a new direct drive replacement, with accompanying pedals (my brake pedal is a bit crappy and I want load cells) and no doubt if I get those I'll start thinking about updating the frame too! Somebody do something - I have to be stopped!

IamTylerDurden165d ago

It is said to be arguably the best game on PSVR2. This isn't like GTS, it's the entire game meticulously crafted for VR at no extra cost. Ppl roasted the game for mtx but i don't see the same enthusiasm when it does consumer friendly things. They could've easily charged for the PSVR2 version, they could charge for cars, but they don't. I just want ppl to be as fair in praise as they are in criticism. And imo the mtx criticism created a cloud of negativity that shrouded the fact that GT7 was actually a great game. Which it always was. My issue is that many acted like the actual game was bad simply because of the mtx.

Ozzy240764d ago

Same VR has totally change this game .

Bathyj65d ago

Still waiting for the Honda F1 car from the 60s to come back. I was going to buy it I had the money and I just went to watch a couple YouTube videos to see if it was worth it and it literally disappeared while I was on YouTube. I couldn't believe it. I've been stalking legends section ever since.

SullysCigar65d ago

Can you still 'wish list' if a car isn't available to buy, or not?

Bathyj65d ago

You can while it is still there as a sold out car. Once that disappears you can't wish list it.

Knushwood Butt65d ago

Too bad. The gap probably keeps on increasing as they add more cars. I see the 917 is available at present. I bought it on Dec 26 but not sure if it has appeared between then and now or not. If not that could be a 12 week wait.

where-eagles-dare64d ago

Bathyj, I hope you get the Honda RA272 the next time it's available in the Legends section.

It does not disappoint & the car handles like an absolute dream & the engine sounds fantastic. It is by a country mile my favourite car in the game.

I have added my driving all time hero, Jim Clark's custom green & yellow Colin Chapman Lotus era livery to the car and it looks awesome.

See my method up above for farming fast credits. Best of luck & I hope you get the car soon. Happy racing Champ.

EazyC65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I love GT7, and this looks like a really fun update. That's an Audi DTM car, I wonder if it's Gr2?

Car wise I'd love to see the Mercedes 190E, they could make a classic DTM grouping with that, the BMW E30 and Alfa Romeo 155