LEGO 2K Drive Will Include Real Money Transactions

It's a "live service" with seasonal updates & "drive pass"

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cammers1995182d ago

No thanks.

Sucks for parents with kids who will abuse this feature.

EvertonFC182d ago

It's Lego, did anyone expect any different ? I went to buy my nephew and nieces some Lego stuff the other day,
I almost fainted at the prices.

Knushwood Butt182d ago

Dat aint no ordinary plastic, it's plastic with Lego written on it.

SullysCigar181d ago

Lego, sadly, is a total rip off - not like the old days. Don't even bother thinking about a trip to Legoland, you get mugged at every turn.

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P_Bomb81d ago

Greyhill Incident had potential but got slammed. I’ll still try it, but on sale or GamePass. Someday.