PlayStation 5 Bundle Discounted for The First Time

Sony has officially dropped its first major PS5 deal since launch day, with $50 off the PS5 God of War Ragnarok bundle for a limited time only.

FallenAngel198476d ago

I’ll get one when there’s a more convenient slim model

PS4 will more than keep my interest until then

Blastoise76d ago

I'm holding out for a Final Fantasy XVI bundle at this point, preferably with a nice special edition console.

75d ago
Vits76d ago

I don't know if convenient would be the correct word if the BD driver ended up being a separate module.

As for the sale, interesting. Both this and the Fifa bundle were constantly on sale in my country. Didn't even knew it was more expensive than just getting the console alone.

Bathyj75d ago

Are you simply waiting for you don't have room for a ps5? You're missing out on these games. Even if you have them on PS4 they are not the same experience.

FallenAngel198475d ago

@ Vit

Separate module? Dafuq you talking about

@ Bath

Those games aren’t going to go anywhere. In fact they’ll be even cheaper when I do upgrade so it’s not like I’m missing out.

I primarily played my PS3 and didn’t get a PS4 until 2016. Sony does wonders with their consoles getting a decade worth of support

darthv7275d ago

You seriously dont know? Its rumored Sony is making a new 5 that has a detachable optical drive. The premise is they can make one motherboard that will be used for both digital only and disc skus.

Anyone who buys the digital can turn it into a disc by popping off the side panel and slotting in the optical drive which would plug in via usb c on the back. And anyone who buys the disc sku could remove their drive if they wanted to.

Eidolon75d ago

You just said you will be playing RE4 Remake on PS4. You can finance a PS5 for 12 months, 0% interest, and yet you're buying games for a 2013 console? Unless you're renting, it boggles my mind.

Eidolon75d ago


That's actually a good idea. I read something about modular consoles way back.. It's sad that Microsoft went instead with what Xbox Series S is.

FallenAngel198475d ago

@ darth

A frivolous rumor? And people are treating such a thing as an absolute?

@ Eid

Why would I finance the current PS5 when I just said I wanted a slimmer model?

Are you shaming people for enjoying a platform that still receives many of today’s hottest games?

Eidolon75d ago (Edited 75d ago )


Nope, it just boggles my mind that someone would still buy new games 3 years into the current gen for a console basically 1.5 gens behind and can't consider once upgrading, possibly out of principle? It can't be out of financial constraints, if you're still buying games.
You can enjoy whatever the hell you want, but I ask you why you wouldn't want to have the best experience if you can obviously afford it.

Immagaiden75d ago

@ Eid

It bother you that much someone enjoys playing on a console of their preference?

It really doesn’t matter what year the platform or game came out? Anybody can enjoy anything at any point in time

FallenAngel198475d ago

@ Eid

Didn’t I already just say I want a slimmer model?

And I bought digital games for my PS3, Wii U and Switch as well. The year a system or game comes out doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Idk what kind of elitist you think you are saying that it’s perplexing that someone can’t enjoy a game unless it’s on the latest console, but you do you.

Eidolon75d ago (Edited 75d ago )


They can be enjoyed.. but usually it's when it's the only way it can be experienced, or by constraints. you have no constraints, and you're only excuse is you're waiting for a slim console, which to me sounds outrageous.
You're ok with half the framerate(30fps with dips) and 1/2 - 1/4 the resolution because you're waiting for an aesthetic(slim), yet you're buying new games for the base PS4, when you could have probably afforded the PS5 a long time ago.. with all the time you spend contributing gaming news, it's actually mind boggling you're still behind with gaming systems.

FallenAngel198475d ago

@ Eid

Oh so the enjoyment I’m getting from my various non-PS5 systems aren’t real? Does a game just lose value because it’s not played on PS5?

Dude get out of here with that early adopter nonsense. A title like The Legend of Dragoon got rereleased and a lot of people expressed excitement to relive a 20+ year old game. A great game is a great game no matter when it’s played.

Just reflect on how outrageous your own mindset is. Imagine telling anybody in any entertainment medium that they can’t enjoy something if it’s older than 3 years.

When I have access to over 600 titles spread over various platforms I’m in no rush to get a PS5. Idc what some early adopter elitist says. When I got the PS2, PS3, & Wii when they first came out I sure as hell didn’t come off as condescending to people who enjoyed previous gen systems. It just comes off as pretentious.

If all you care about is performance why are you even playing on PS5? Get a PC. Idk how my enjoyment of games on previous gen systems bothers you, but hey stay bothered cuz I’m still gonna keep waiting. Many of the PS4 games I’m getting have a free PS5 upgrade as an option, so I’m really not missing out on anything by waiting other than some elitist telling me how I should feel when playing my own library.

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EvertonFC75d ago

Patience of an angel I see 🤣😂

Retroman75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Agree. but for me sold my ps5 and bought ps4 for now, it is keeping my interest until more suitable ps5 games comes out.
Such as Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 , R-type Final 2

FallenAngel198475d ago

@ Ever

Not really. Sony makes it incredibly easy to wait especially with the numerous titles they give out each month on PS+ in addition to the discounts of titles.

My backlog is so huge that if I even had a PS5 now I’d still spend the majority of the time playing my massive PS4 library on it.

@ Retro

Street Fighter 6 is also coming to PS4 though

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P_Bomb76d ago

Good timing. My son’s been asking for his own. Might pick up #2 tomorrow.

Aloymetal75d ago

You and your kid enjoy your second PS5!

P_Bomb75d ago

Thx I appreciate it, heh.

Gamer_Dude75d ago

I'm critical of some of your statements but down votes for this is just ridiculous.

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jznrpg75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

That’s cool. You basically get GoW Ragnarok for free .

I’m trying to hold out for the rumored modular PS5 for my second PS5 so I can give my wife and kids my original.

Rumors of the modular PS5 and some think there’s going to be a Pro (I’m not sold on that) so I’m waiting for whatever comes next .

Aloymetal75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

What is this modular ps5? I'm curious because the moment they announce a ps5 pro (whenever it happens) I'll be all over it.
I googled it and I see what you mean, it's like a slim model.

Bathyj75d ago

It's not like they need the sales bump.

Hofstaderman75d ago

Probably want to make room for new bundles…FFXVI and Spider-Man.

InUrFoxHole75d ago

They always need the sales bump. Every console needs... well really, "wants" the sales bump

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