Gran Turismo 7 Creator Shares Challenges of PSVR2 Support

In an Exclusive Interview, Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo 7 creator shares challenges of PSVR2 and remedies against VR syndrome.

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darkrider71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

It's such a jump in racing. Again kazunori it's connected to the true evolution of racing on consoles. It's the next step.

SullysCigar71d ago

This guy's a legend.

VR alone can make people fall back in love with gaming again. What he's created with GT7 VR has removed that stale feeling for racing fans and sparked their enthusiasm again - it's all over the forums and YouTube. It's nice to see.

darkrider71d ago

Yeah. It's really impressing. Even casuals are amazed with GT VR. My girlfriend couldn't believe how real it was.

darthv7271d ago (Edited 71d ago )

In what they did with the first VR and GTS, I can really appreciate how much further they took things with VR2 and GT7. So much so that it has sparked my interest in seeing how VR was for other racing games on the 4Pro. I just received Driveclub VR and it is pretty damn fun. I was very impressed with how it looked and played. I havent played GT Sport in VR yet but I really wont need to as I have GT7 to scratch that itch.

VR2 and racing games can only get better.

EvertonFC71d ago

Certainly gonna be interesting in what other Devs do with there racing games for VR2, no excuses anymore and no hiding or were just gonna use the old Devs were lazy in reviews 😂🤣

Venoxn4g71d ago

You should give a go to Wipeout omega collection in VR if you didn't already and Dirt Rally (needs a VR patch) as well

darthv7271d ago

@venox... oh man wipeout tore me up the first time. but that was back before I got used to VR. I may have a better chance now but the mere notion of the tracks being all over the place might still get to me. I like the more traditional racing but I did enjoy some thumper last night and that has tracks that go all over the place as well.

SullysCigar70d ago

There was something about Wipeout Omega's settings. I can't quite remember, but you need to tweak it from standard to either track your head... or not! PSVR Without Parole were all over this, so it's probably covered in their review on YouTube, but it makes a big difference and you'll be well away. Amazing game and SO much content.

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Bathyj71d ago

I haven't played a racing game this much since GT3. No one who plays it comes away unimpressed. Even non gamers.

EazyC71d ago

What he and PD achieved with GT7 VR is staggering in my book.

A high watermark for console VR. One that I actually think the PSVR 2 might to actually eclipse (until GT8, maybe!?)

Aloymetal71d ago

Yup, it's really hard for me to go back to flat screen after playing gt7 in vr. Just so immersive.

EazyC70d ago

Sometimes when I take off the headset I'll play in flat mode for a min or two, and that's when it hits you just how much that "quantum leap" is. It's not dissimilar to the 2D to 3D transition in the 90s!

boing171d ago

There is no other way to play now. Going back to flat version feels like going back to stone age. It's absolutely amazing in VR. And with the wheel on top of that? Crazy!

Othegamer571d ago

man i wanna try this so bad. they should have it on display in stores

EvertonFC71d ago

A racing setup in gaming stores would have been great imo and/or shopping malls

darthv7271d ago

I imagine that would be the case, if they sold the VR2 in stores like they did the VR1. I remember seeing the VR1 setup at a Best Buy back in the day. It was pretty neat to try out some demos.

EazyC70d ago

Agree. I let an older uncle try it recently as he's into cars (NEVER played a videogame) and he was speechless.

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