Space-fantasy RPG Honkai: Star Rail comes to PlayStation soon

Explore the exquisitely grand universe with distinctive characters on an epic interstellar adventure.

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Vits75d ago

Hopefully, this is only for PS5. Otherwise high chances of the PS4 version fucking everyone else multiplayer experience.

shinoff218375d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I never heard about it until this trailer. I was thinking it looked good. Then I seen your comment. Ugghh To bad the multi-player is fucking with my single player experience

Then I look further and see it's made by the genshin devs. Makes sense but I'm not deleting my comment

Godmars29074d ago

Its a multi, largely mobile, platform game. Now that PS5's are more available I'd very likely get one if Honkai Impact 3rd had console versions, but its still only mobile. PC emulated.

And still a gocha.

Godmars29074d ago

The game I want, just not in a form I prefer.

jznrpg74d ago

If it was a single player game I’d be all for it . But it isn’t so meh

RedDevils73d ago

Is this one of those pay to win, or pay to speed up your progress games, then I just ignore this.

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