Alan Wake 2 – 14 Things We Don’t Want in Remedy’s Next Big Game

GB: "Alan Wake 2 is reportedly hitting later this year and here are 14 things we don’t want Remedy to implement in it."

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MadLad72d ago

I agree that I don't want this to be an over the top action game.
I didn't really like the focus on combat had with American Nightmare. Too many enemies and they ramped up the time to kill way to far. Playing the original game on nightmare difficulty really felt like survival horror. You were weighing fight or flight with almost every encounter, and it was tense and satisfying.

Either way, I'm glad we're getting a sequel in general. Wasn't sure it was ever going to actually happen.

JEECE72d ago

How about "To not be exclusive to an unwanted additional games launcher on PC"?

MadLad72d ago

Highly unlikely not to happen. Tencent has some stake in Remedy, and a large stake in Epic. I don't really see Remedy games not coming to Epic before other storefronts going forward.

BandarHub72d ago

I forgot Alan wake 2 comes out this year...and it's a remedy game, they don't miss.
Great year for horror games.