Counter-Strike 2 Beta Has Leaked, Offline Play Available

Someone leaked the Counter-Strike 2 beta on the Web. The build can be downloaded, although it can only be played offline.

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Number1TailzFan72d ago

Seen some people complain about the graphics and others saying things to the effect of:

"CS has never had good graphics because it's made to run on low end hardware"

That's not really true. CSS and HL2DM both came out in 2004 and had fairly high end graphics for the time just like HL2.

What's happened here is that Valve took a long time to really do anything with Source 2, for example, L4D2 screens leaked in 2014 showing a much higher detailed remade plantation level, after that we didn't get anything in their main game series until 2020 with Half Life Alyx.

In the past, their games released pretty soon after their Source engine was ready.

I'm certain Source 2 probably still has a bit more to give though since they usually like to update their engine every so often, as they did with the first Source engine.

porkChop72d ago

It's crazy. I remember Valve showing off Source 2 when UE4 and I believe CryEngine 5 were being shown off. Source 2 already looked dated in comparison, like a slightly better Source 1. They've clearly reworked and updated it since then but what a waste of an engine. They've only used it for DotA 2 and HL: Alyx.

Number1TailzFan72d ago

Yeah. I myself do not think it looks bad by any means, things look a lot more detailed in general if you take a good look at the textures and compare with Source 1, and I do like the clean look of the graphics. It's just a bit disappointing when Valve used to be right at the top graphics wise as well as with the gameplay.


I haven't played CS in years, maybe for me it's been 10-12 yrs. I'm just a bit interested in CS 2. I wonder if it will be like other games where if your new or came back to the game after a long break to put you in with players that are similar to your level.