Remnant 2 - 9 Minutes of Gameplay

Pre-Alpha Gameplay of Yaesha, one of many environments you'll encounter in Remnant 2.

HeliosHex459d ago

Looking forward to this. I hope they continue with the two ways to kills bosses to get different weapon drops.

TheExecutioner459d ago

looks like a dlc for the first game.

Vengeance1138457d ago

Your surprised that a sequel looks and plays like the original? You expected what? A top down shooter? A rhythm game?
Go troll somewhere else people like you aren't needed here. What a sad comment.

TheExecutioner457d ago

Never expected my opinion makes someone angry

Skyfly47457d ago

Hope this comes to gamepass

neutralgamer1992457d ago

If it's great why not support the devs and buy the game? I like GP but let's support some of these mid size developers

Skyfly47457d ago

I just might. But if they choose to, its all gravy.

jznrpg457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Gameplay wise it looks like the first game which isn’t bad . Hoping AI will be a little better and enemy variety as well , we will see . Environments look better . First game was a surprise when I bought it I didn’t expect much. Hopefully this game takes a step forward with small improvements here and there.


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jznrpg58d ago

I like the game a lot. I would like the outside world to be a little more detailed open and varied but overall it’s a really good game and I understand they are limited by their budget and team size. For a lower priced game it’s worth more than they charge