Resident Evil 4 remake free DLC ‘The Mercenaries’ launches April 7

The Resident Evil 4 remake will add "The Mercenaries" challenge mode via free downloadable content on April 7, Capcom announced.

Stanjara64d ago

Capcom is absolute beast... giving demos, free dlc, free ps5 upgrades, and great remakes.

lellkay64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Wonder if this mode will be full of MT's .... I really really hope not.

CrimsonWing6964d ago

Was RE8’s mercenary mode full of MT’s?

Good-Smurf64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Surely for a 10/10 remake according to many review sites The Mercenaries should already be in the game at launch just like the original.
Why are we so over reliant on free updates even to stuff that we used to get for granted on disc few gens ago?
Even RE5/RE6 came with The Mercenaries on disc.

jartoon64d ago

Would you have preferred they delayed the whole game to apr7? Prefer they release a buggy/unfinished core game? Game production is extremely difficult-- choices have to be made on what to prioritize-- It'd be one thing to complain if it were a paid add-on, but they obviously made a choice to make sure the core game was 100% polished on release date and then finish polishing/debugging Mercenaries in the following weeks. There's no comparison to past releases-- every production is different. Is this really something to complain about?

Good-Smurf64d ago

Sorry to popped your excitement bubble for the game but its pretty clear why something we used to get on disc are now got separated by an update or two due to guess what "deadlines and we'll fix it later" mentality.
This isn't something new to the franchise but their decision to not make it ready at launch is.
The original RE4 was one of the most polished release of its time without resorting to any kind of day one update or one its game mode removed for "further polishing"
And I can compare it to the game that owed its very existence which was the Gamecube original, thank you very much.