Blizzard and Nvidia investigating reports Diablo 4 is killing RTX 3080 Ti GPUs

There's also something you can do right now to possibly help protect your graphics card from a similar fate.

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porkChop75d ago

Why do I get the feeling it's just like last time? GPU vendors cheaping out on hardware yet again, like VRM cooling/heatsinks, which causes the GPU to fail when idle on a menu with an uncapped framerate. I wouldn't be surprised.

Viljong75d ago

This. I remember the coil whine

Bobertt75d ago

Most likely the 3080ti came out during the pandemic when it was hard to get parts out of Japan so manufacturers had to look for substitutes and work with limited staff so i would expect cards made during that time might have inferior parts or have slipped through QC checks.

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