Bloober CEO Believes 10M Copies Sold for Their Games Is a "Realistic" Range for the Studio Soon

It looks like Bloober Team is counting on their future projects to really sell a lot, as the studio's boss thinks that 10 million units sold is a "realistic" and achieve-able number.

FallenAngel198476d ago

What non RE horror title sold over 10 million

sammarshall10276d ago

I'm not saying they'll reach 10 million but they have a great foundation given that this is a remake of a great game and it's going to look next gen

Eonjay75d ago

I wouldn't take to much heed into this story as they have updated with an apology due to poor translation. In otherworldly what they ate implying isn't what was actually said.

FallenAngel198476d ago

I just remembered The Last of Us did that feat twice over. However that’s the outlier and not the rule, what with TLOU being the best selling horror game of all time and all

@ Sam

A great original game and high production values doesn’t guarantee a great game. I’m hoping they can fulfill critical expectations though

Profchaos75d ago

I don't really think tlou falls into a horror category to be honest it feels more like a drama scripted fallout game then something designed to scare

FallenAngel198475d ago

TLOU is a horror title

If it’s not horror than neither is Resident Evil

ninjabutt1375d ago

TLOU is not a horror game because developers dont not market it as horror game neither do they state its a horror game.
While RE is marketed as horror game.

FallenAngel198475d ago

TLOU is still designed as a horror gamers

IamTylerDurden175d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Bloober doesn't make naughty dog quality. The Medium was hailed as impressive next gen AAA by some and it was neither. It was an average and limited horror game. I expect higher quality with SH2 but it's still Bloober. Blair Witch, LoF, Medium are not 90 meta, 10m seller types. They hardly do combat so i question how it will be in SH2.

sammarshall10274d ago

That's true but I'm confident that hey can knock it out of the park with what they have to work with

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RpgSama76d ago

These developers need to shut up and let their games do the talking, they have quite a huge undertaking with SH2, They either hit a home run with that one or it will be considered a failure, no in-between.

Hofstaderman76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

It’s a big name game. It’s make or break for them.

IamTylerDurden175d ago

The Medium was all hype as well. I'm waiting for gameplay until i believe them.

Snookies1276d ago

Funny enough, the more they talk it up the less confident I am... Hopefully I'm proven wrong, as I'd love for this to be fantastic.

-Foxtrot76d ago

Yeah it’s weird

Talking about what they want to be going forward, the leading horror developer, and talking about sales

Like guys, focus on getting the game out and up to scratch

sammarshall10276d ago

They've announced that it's nearly done, maybe they're just very confident in what they've made

XiNatsuDragnel76d ago

Funny I hope you guys can push the genre forward instead of sales goal.

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MadLad76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I'm hoping they knock this out of the park, but those are highly, highly optimistic numbers.
As popular an IP as it is, they're basically saying they want this one remake to basically match the sales of the entire series prior.
Silent Hill was always a somewhat niche series. At least compared to something like Resident Evil.

To put it into perspective, indie titles of the last decade or so gained way more popularity than Silent Hill ever had, and we far less releases in total.
The Forest - 5 million copies sold (with the sequel having just released and selling 2 million copies in the first day alone)
Outlast series (2 games and an expansion) - 15 million copies sold

shinoff218375d ago

To be fair there millions more gamers these days gaming then there was last time a good silent game came out

MadLad75d ago

True, but not by ten-fold, you know. I mean, we're talking about a remake of what many consider the best in the series (I like 4 the best, personally) and even that only sold a million copies.

I'm very hard pressed to believe we'll see anything close to that number. If they hit even half that I would call that striking gold.
I want the game to do well. I want to see Silent Hill on store shelves again. As much as I also love Resident Evil, especially now after 7, and great remakes of 2 and (seemingly) 4, I've always held Silent Hill on a higher personal pedestal.

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