Why the Xbox 360 "apparently" sold more?

MEGamers write: "So, here I am wondering why the Xbox 360 sold more and my gaming buddies actually answered that question for me. In the Middle East, the Xbox 360 is more famous than the PS3. Why you ask? Because of the 360s large volume of "pirated" games. Yea, that's right... I've actually had 5 friends in the past 2 weeks buy the 360 just so they can play pirated games downloaded off torrents and they twitch their nose at the mention of the PS3 saying, "Yea, they got good games but, you can't play pirated stuff on them". All this when I though PC gaming was the #1 platform for pirates, recent analysis proves otherwise. Titles like Far Cry 2, Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: World at War saw pirated versions of the 360 being released first rather than on the PC. With this widespread piracy problem plaguing the Middle East and several parts of Asia, you're as liable as stealing a pebble from a restricted construction site. You soon get the picture of the current state of Asia when even well-to-do companies here in Saudi Arabia use pirated software in their computers.

So, technically speaking, isn't Microsoft getting ripped off for selling a console at a loss and further damage when its users are playing "free" games rather than actually purchasing them? That's not quite a win situation if you ask us. Then perhaps, there must be a more reliable way of determining how good a console is doing? And that in our honest opinion is to compare software sales rather than the hardware."

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tatotiburon5263d ago

wow what a great discovered, the author should recive a NOBEL for this.

When PS3 get hacked the sales will rise to the sky as well, but the author forgot one thing, even people can play pirated games on a xbox 360, xbox 360 software still outsold every PS3 exclusive, so the piracy didn't damage the software sales for the xbox 360.

And finally, when the middle east is a important market region for the videogame industry?, here in south america people play a lot of pirated games, but microsoft gives a crap a bout SA market? i don't think so.

Will piracy affect PS3 sotware sales whent the console get hacked? well that's another story.

tatotiburon5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

bueno ya que eres tan bilingue pues que tal si te lo digo en español para que entiendas, que tal? pobre idiota ni sabras que es lo que te estoy escribiendo, tipico fanboy con retraso mental, un pobre niño sin nada de materia gris en su cabeza...ok Nathan did you get it?

Sonyslave35263d ago

so true it the 360 is hacked and u can download games for free can someone please tell how the 360 games alway sell more then the ps3.

Sony better hope nobody hack their system or all their games going be selling R2 numbers which are bad btw lol how the r1 outsell r2 going by sony [email protected] is the best fps ever

HDgamer5263d ago

Few people are buying the 360 for hacked games, thats only a small number now since the multiplayer is really worth having the 360. Besides, just because it's hacked doesn't mean anything except ms is losing money from cheap ass gamers who couldn't buy their own games let alone afford a 360 by legal means. The 360 has a well built library, its at 199.99, there are some good games to play on that console when you go online. Thats all thats needed. Anyone who claims that piracy help sales don't know anything about business period and should take a look at reality. People lose money when games are pirated. I think tatoiburon is one of these gamers who can't quite afford to play online nor buy his games.

vdesai5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

Multi-plat games sell more on PS3 in every market besides America. As far as the article games there is minimal to no affect of Piracy on the sales of a console unless its something like a PSP because not many people have the knowhow to flash the dvd drives of the 360 and people are reluctant to possibly brick a system that costs a decent amount of money.

How many sides does a triangle have?

EDIT: @below I didn't say anything to tatotiburon.

uxo225263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

This article was one of the most pathetic attempts to justify, "the state of the console war" that I have seen thus far.

I actually feel sorry for this person, as they have really hit rock bottom. The PS3 will be fine.

@below & Above - I totally understood what tatotiburon was saying and you would too if you actually tried.

macalatus5263d ago

@ tatotiburon,

Kahit anong sabihin mo, bobo ka pa rin. Ang tingin ko ungoy ka!

tatotiburon5263d ago

my gamerscore is 34,504 various co-op and MP achievements and i can't afford online gaming?, what is your GS?, please shut up....and yes piracy push hardware sales, look the PSP.

gw4k5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

The reason the 360 is selling more is because it is hacked?

You are out of your stupid minds. Have you hacked the 360? I have and it isn't worth it. Let me tell you why.

It isn't easy to do. You face being banned. The games are have to be patched so that they do not reveal that they are copied. If your 360 kills itself you are sh*t out of luck. Half the games you download do not work right and you need double layer dvds. Not cheap!

The reason it is selling more is this.

Better selection of games. The games that are multiplatform are better on the 360. The Live system is a heck of a lot better and more friendly. You can do more on it than the PSN. It is faster than the PSN. No long load times, no install times before you can play. Fast downloads, no stupid installing times after the download is complete.

Simple chatting and voice messaging. No crappy bluetooth (seriously, if you do not want to sound like you are in a tin can being kicked down the hill, purchase a usb mic for the ps3).

Simply, the 360 is ahead because it is a better system. Until Sony focuses on its service and network, the 360 will continue to kick them in the balls.

Also, I am not a 360 fanboy, just a gamer. I want to be a Sony Fanboy but when there is better out now, you have to focus on those aspects.

Also, Sony needs to help developers with the graphics department.

Mozilla895263d ago

Now the whole point of this is to justify the 360's NDP sales which I believe are numbers of how well the systems did in America. I don't see how pirated games in the Middle East and the 360's popularity over there affect NDP numbers.

TheDude2dot05263d ago

"but the author forgot one thing, even people can play pirated games on a xbox 360, "

Sorry but this just cracked me up.

But this article is stupid. I doubt that the sole reason it sells more is because of piracy. The author has a good point with the fact that selling at a loss with a lot of piracy = not good. MS should prevent that next time.

pixelsword5263d ago

Eso no es una cosa muy agradable a decir a una persona. Recomendaría que usted intenta ser más agradable en el futuro.

Sarick5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

Every unit rather working or not counts towards the install base. This includes units that've been replaced under a 3rd party warranty. Since some companies count the units shipped not sold. It's easy to see how the install base can be confused.

Each time a console breaks and it's replaced by a 3rd party warranty the replaced unit counts as sold, especially if the install base is measured by units shipped. This is true even if the owner doesn't pay for the replacement.

Take for insistence someone purchases a year warranty on a console at a major retailer. If the unit breaks and the retailer replaces it with a new unit. That unit is in reality counted as sold/shipped to the retailer.

Now assume those broken units are used as scrap parts or refurbished at the manufacture. The broken unit isn't subtracted from the total units shipped. So, what happens if it gets sold again as a refurb? Does that count towards units shipped again if resold?

Now on to failure rates and replacements. Lets just say a console has a 1% failure rate and it has sold/shipped 20,000,000 units. That is approximately 200,000 units. What if we calculate this as a 20% failure rate instead of 1%? "20,000,000 x 0.2 = 4,000,000"

If those are replaced and counted as installed or shipped consoles that's a large number. It's not like they remove the first unit and append the replaced unit from the units shipped. No, the unit was already counted as shipped. We, can't uncount that number so the replaced unit is counted as shipped/sold again.

Taking the above math into account just off a bogus failure rate of 20%. For 20,000,000 units after they're replaced it'll include the 4 million replacements totaling 24,000,000 units shipped. Now consider if 20% of the replacements fail you can add another 800,000 units shipped multiplying the totals a second time.

The devils advocate here for some balance. In the example above of the 4 million possible failed units not all of them could possibly be replaced with new units. Unfortunately, no one knows the real numbers and probably ever will. We can only make guesses as the manufactures throw out what they want us to see. In some cases manufactures refuse to release actual failure rates. Why would they create a PR nightmare when this information can be kept secret?

On a final note. My thoughts are a lot of gamers are willing to pay for this hobby even through multiple console replacements. It's not only piracy that could skew sales results. Why, I assume there are still a lot of hard core fans willing to pay for entertainment even with a few setbacks along the way. You know the green stuff.. ^.~

Comments? Don't waste a bubble send me a PM. :)

Narutone665263d ago

cherrypie, pp, pog, GEC, sony defense farce and GEL to that lists. I understand what you wrote, but let's keep that to ourselves.

godofthunder105263d ago

ps3 fanboys are spinning the news just like every fanboys of every system do.At first ps3 fanboys was in dinial over the 360 out selling the ps3.The same ps3 fanboys are now saying it's because of pirated games.They are only posting the software sales of 1 country to make it look like the ps3 is doing better.When 360 fanboys was doing it they were saying that 360 fanboys should count every country and they were right then and i'm right now.I don't care how much software that 1 system sell in 1 country.The main thing is how the over all sales are,that's what count not 1 country.

Ps3 fanboys are always talking about how great sony is.The fact is that Japan,especially sony is always screwing America and it's about to stop.The fact is that sony send as much of their product they want to the U.S for free.The U.S don't charge Japan taxes or anything else on their products they send to the U.S.Since it's all profit for sony they could sell the ps3 cheaper then it would cost them if they had to pay.Japan on the other hand only allow so much products from the U.S in their country.They also charge the U.S on anything you could think of.In other words every product that sony sells in the U.S it's all profit.The U.S on the other hand have to pay different taxes to Japan so every time a product sell in Japan it isn't all profit.

If people listen to the news they would know what's going on.The U.S goverment is talking about trade with Japan and how it's unfair.They want Japan to start paying for every product that they send to the U.S just like they charge the U.S for every product that we send their.Sony fans can spin it all they want.The fact is that Japan been takeing advantage over the U.S with the unfair trade act.When the trade agreement is over (and it's soon)sony will have to charge more for their product or make a lot less profit.Considering the shape they are in now they will charge more.

I have a 360 and i love it and wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything .I think that the 360 and ps3 are both good systems because I'm not a childish and bias fanboy.people like different kinds of games.I think that a person should buy the system with the games they like on it.

The problem i have is when someone ask an opinion on what system they should get.They should say it depend on what games they like.Instead they give a fanboy response.Ps3 fanboys tell people to buy a ps3 because the 360 is trash and unreliable and have not 1 good game.Ps3 fanboys want mention that sony was sued over the ps2 because it had a defected hard drive it would read can't read disc even if it was a new system and game sometime.I'm not saying that the defect rate was high like the 360 because it wasn't.The fact is that i had to buy 5 in less the 4 years.Every one i knew had to at least buy 2 in less then 3 year.Sony on the other hand made sure they didn't make the same mistake with the ps3.The ps3 is the most dependable console that was ever made.Ps3 fanboys keep saying that the next xbox will have a defectin it to.The fact is that microsoft learn from their mistake just like sony does.

Some are even saying that microsoft want compete with sony any more after they fought for years to get where they are now.They are saying that microsoft will start all over and make a new system that's less powerful then the 360 because they are loseing to much money.They are claiming that microsoft will make a system that's powerful like the wii and compete with nintendo(what a joke).

The fact is that microsoft is makeing a profit(unlike sony) on the 360 now and this is counting the billions of $s it cost for the rrod.The fact is that a company makes money off of software sells.The 360 is selling a lot more software then the wii and ps3.

Ps3 fanboys keep saying that microsoft screwed the people when they gave a 3 year warrinty.The fact is that when sony gave their warrinty for the ps2 for the hard drive defect in it they only gave 2months from the date of their annocement.Like i said before i had to buy my other ps2 when they went out before 3 years.The fact is that microsoft warrinty was way better then sony warrinty for the ps2.

The fact is that fanboys only say the things that make their system look like it's a lot better then the other.The fact is that ps3 fanboys would be saying what 360 fanboys are saying now about the 3 year warrinty if it was the ps3 that had the rrod and 360 fanboys would be saying what ps3 fanboys are saying now about it.

The same things with games.I'll admitt that i wish that r 1&2 and kz2 was on the 360.On the other hand i hate the mgs series.I think that it has one of the stupidest story line of all time.The fact is that you watch more then you play.If i wanted to watch something that's over 2 1/2 hrs long i watch a movie.If i wanted to play a game i play something else.

The point i'm trying to make is that every one like and dislike games on both systems.It's childish when i hear someone saying that the other system doesen't have 1 good game on it when they know they are liying.The fact is that if halo,fable.gow and other 360 games was on the ps3 they would say that they are great instead of they sux.360 fanboys do the same thing.If r,kz,mgs4 or other ps3 games was on the 360 they would say it's great instead of they sux.I bet that you can't find a fanboy of any system that honest.Every one will say that every game on the system they have is great and every game on the other system sux.

Ps3 fanboys always agree with positive news about the ps3 even when they know it's not true.ps3 fanboys will always disagree with negative news about the ps3 even when they know it's true.360 fanboys do the exact thing.They will always agree with positive news about the 360 even when they know it true and disagree with every negative news about the 360 if they know it's true.

Ps3 and 360 fanboys could stop saying they will win this gen war.The fact is that the wii will win but it will just fad away as time goes by.The 360 and ps3 will fight it out for 2nd place.who ever comes in second it want be by much and it want be nothing to brag about.People might as well face the facts.The 360 and ps3 isn't going any where.They will always fight it out to get hardcore gamers.

The fact is that they are both good systems with positive and negative things about them.They both also have good and bad things about them.

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vhero5263d ago

I agree with this I know people who have 4 360 consoles all because they are hacked. Nothing to do with it being a better console they had 3 consoles banned so far so bought more..

prowiew5263d ago

I got to disagree with the author in one big point. He is using NPD numbers which only track USA sales to make his point. And then talk about why 360 "apparently" sold more in asia and saudi arabia. He should use asia and saudi arabia numbers. Probably ps3 is selling more in those areas.
Now, saying that, piracy is really a problem in USA. I know some guys that download and play pirate games in USA also. But I dont know if its really a big problem for microsoft, cause the games on 360 always sells well.

plenty a tool5262d ago

truly incredible! i like the way he uses the npd numbers which cover america, to talk about high sales due to piracy in the middle east.

only on the truely sad and patetic N4G would this be taken seriously. wow, another low day for gaming on N4G!!

rushbd5262d ago

People dont buy ps3 because its not hacked yet. most of the people who buy 360 here agrees that they would have bought a ps3 if it was hacked...

Sarcasm5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

"It isn't easy to do."

You have no idea how easy it is to hack a 360. Sure you cant play online, but you act as if anybody who wants to play FREE games will give a damn about online play let alone pay $50 a year.

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dcbronco5263d ago

That site should be called Meh-gamers.

Jazz41085262d ago

I agree this authur is just trying to find someway to justify why the ps3 is not selling as well as the 360.

N4PS3G5263d ago

Umm ..yeah people do buy consoles to play hacked games..but then why is the game attach ratio is so high?

InMyOpinion5263d ago

"So, technically speaking, isn't Microsoft getting ripped off for selling a console at a loss and further damage when its users are playing "free" games rather than actually purchasing them? That's not quite a win situation if you ask us."

Since when did MS sell the 360 at a loss? If you play pirated games on Xbox Live you get banned sooner or later. Not having the option would render many games useless imo.

"Then perhaps, there must be a more reliable way of determining how good a console is doing? And that in our honest opinion is to compare software sales rather than the hardware."

Well, I dare them to do just that. Last time I checked Gears of War 2 did better than any other console exclusive released this holiday. The 360 also has the highest games attach ratio of all three consoles. Hmmm...

Tiberium5263d ago

This is a stupid article. The middle east isn't even important sale-wise. North America, Europe, and (for whatever reason) Japan are to Microsoft. About half of total console sales are from North America alone. Well I find this refreshing. Piracy on the 360 and it still manages to outsell the ps3's software. I guess Sony should have made their console for gamers and not blu-ray enthusiasts.