Slaying demons in Diablo IV's beta is a blast | MobileSyrup

Development of the title is still in progress; therefore, I won’t be reviewing the title but giving my impressions of the game so far.

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saint_seya70d ago

I played for like an hour the beta, seems ok, a bit to dark themed (yeah i know is called Diablo), i enjoyed what i played but idk how i felt about the game world (First time trying it, only game similar i ever played was Path of Exile).

Stanjara70d ago

I played also for about 3h... Idk what to think...
For me still Diablo 2 is the best.
I really don't know what I'm doing in 4... Skill wise...

Lionsguard70d ago

It's funny that you found it too dark themed because there was quite a bit of hullabalooo about Diablo 3 being too cartoony and too World of Warcraft-ish. I'm glad they went back to darker theme.

babadivad69d ago

What happened to Leah was definitely dark...

masterfox70d ago

of course is a blast, blasting 3080 TIs alright! :D