TMNT: The Last Ronin Video Game: What We Want to See

Prepare for the most shell-tastic time as the TMNT: The Last Ronin video game has just been announced! Here's what we want to see.

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HeliosHex71d ago

Dam this could be the best turtle game ever if done right.

Flawlessmic71d ago

Have they announced who the devs are?

So pumped for a AAA turtle experience and the last ronin is the perfect story for it!!

Rebel_Scum71d ago

I would like to see the turtles embrace pineapple on a pizza

X-2371d ago

Well I'll be damned, talk about something you never seen coming. This is the kind of thing where everyone who knows about it says it would be a cool game or that they wish was more mainstream but you never would expect to see it actually happen, then suddenly you look up one day and it actually is. Let's go Mikey.

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