Aliens: Dark Descent PAX East Gameplay

There were limitations on filming but here is a look at the game in action.

Vengeance113869d ago

Could have atleast edited it, why was there an entirely different game shown in the middle with the 3rd person view? Also the camera fail in portrait mode with the gameplay being in landscape.

Garethvk69d ago

Talk to the team there, they said this was what the restrictions were on them.

bloop68d ago

How frustrating is it watching that person playing the 3rd person shooter so badly, and then seemingly getting frustrated at themselves about how bad they are? I hope to God that's not a gaming journalist.

MadLad69d ago

I just hope this comes out solid. I like top down shooters, and we haven't had a solid Aliens game since Isolation.

Garethvk69d ago

Exactly. Fireteam had moments but it got repetitive.

CrimsonWing6969d ago

I'm sorry, but this is the worst preview I've ever watched.

jznrpg69d ago

I would like a single player Alien game that had good combat .

NecrosisOdium69d ago

Shame they releasing this same month as diablo 4, final fantasy 16 and Street fighter 6.