Microsoft CEO to reveal 2009 lineup for Xbox 360

The CEO of Microsoft is set to talk up two key games that will be heading towards the Xbox 360 in 2009. As part of Microsoft's CES keynote, he will highlight these two games to show the strength of the companies lineup.

As many of you have already guessed, the two key games both fall in the Halo universe. The first game is Halo Wars developed by Ensemble Studios, which is set to shutdown permanently in 2009. The other game is Halo 3: ODST, an expansion pack to Halo 3. However, even though the game is an expansion pack, Halo 3 is not required to play the addition.

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jack who4200d ago

that man loves is job a lot too much

elorm94200d ago

When I saw the headline, I thought they were 2 brand new exclsives :|

Elven64200d ago

The headline is a bit misleading, I thought it was two secret titles but their apparently just ones that have been announced already.

umair_s514200d ago

Halo spin-off titles like wars and ODST are like that LBP MGS pack.

TheDude2dot04200d ago

Dang'nabbit! Stop it with all the Halo nonsense! I want new IPs! Halo is getting old!

power of Green 4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Are you kidding lol.

Love the way PS3 fans try to paint a whole picture off of bits and pieces on info lol.

As if they actually believe these are the only games MSFT has to offer.

Folks be hitting rock bottom.

The 360 is getting so popular even the PS3 fans are more interested in the platform than 360 fans, that is Sony's major problem they must overcome.

Its clear this article is made to make fun of Balmer/MSFT and fanboys are using to create fictional talking points. lol

No Way4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Is he on Crack!? o.O Ha.

But, it is nice seeing someone enjoy their job.

Anon19744200d ago

Don't you think that if they had something more exciting they'd be yelling it from the rooftops? This is it, my friend. The 2 major games for us 360 owners for 2009 are either a real time strategy on the console (when most RTS fans will be playing Starcraft 2 next year) and a stand alone expansion pack.

Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping Alan Wake sees 2009. That's the only game in the 360 lineup for this year that I'm even remotely interested in. Exclusives for the 360 have gone downhill since 2007, in my opinion.

poopface14199d ago

but im not intrested in a halo RTS. Everyone can keep talking about how the 360 has no exclusives in 2009, but I bet by the end of the year youll see quite a few. One game that im really looking foward too, even thoght it may go multiplatform is mass effect 2. I have a feeling microsoft will pay to keep it exclusive, but I dont care cause I know that it will be on 360 at least.

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PirateThom4200d ago

I like Balmer, he's hilarious.

PS3ROCKS4200d ago

but after seeing that guy I say [email protected]#k it

Irving4200d ago

That was hilarious, have a bubble ;)

No Way4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

What!? Come on.. That's just one of the few things that make the x360, & Microsoft, so wonderful (No Sarcasm). It's better than him walkin out on stage wit a straight face and get to the podium and say "I love this company" without even moving his mouth.

If you agree with me can I hear a "Waaaarraahhaaaaaahaaa!&a mp;q uot;
Thank you, kind sir. Now, please, take your seat.. you're lookin like an idiot.

TheForgotten0ne4199d ago

I would rather by a X360 after watching that xD
To know the people making the console is that excited about new stuff, wow.

But I didn't see it, so I bought a PS3:P

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GiantEnemyLobster4200d ago

Year of the Xbox 360, just like 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Magic_The_Celt4200d ago

^ Actualy 2008 was the year of the PS3 :)
just like 09 will be.

Sez 4200d ago

actaully he's right. if you count reviews. then yeah ps3 won in reviews. but game sales? NO system sales? NO. so yeah he's right.08 was the yer of the wii and 360

Kleptic4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

^^I see what you are saying, but this argument is always ridiculous, and used by every 360 fanatic you come exactly does that retarded logic work overall?...

sales wise 360 and Wii?...wrong...Wii and Wii more than doubled both HD consoles...

you should be certifiably insane to think that sales mean anything though to the end consumer...yeah, I get the 'if it sells better on this platform it'll eventually get all the best games'...that may be...but it obviously didn't matter in THE BEST games were on the PS3...which was clearly illustrated in review scores...

THAT is what should matter to any of us...It absolutely destroys my mind trying to figure out how some of you really think that sales have anything to do with how good or bad a piece of entertainment is...and it is only in gaming that you fanatics even try to do it...

so if that is case...stay better be on imdb screaming about how Titanic is hands down the greatest film ever made...and you better be on some iTunes message board screaming about The Back Street boys...see how stupid it is? can argue that sales matter, but not to us...only to stock holders...

Shane Kim4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Well Vega, since all you bots have to say is how little games PS3 has and how much exclusives the xbox has, wouldn't the PS3 be the winner since youself pointed out that it had more higher rated games in 08 than 360? I mean after all, are you going to play games or act like MS financial advisor?

EDIT: I must also add that sales was nothing that was brought up by the bots prior to 2008. All I ever heard was we have games and PS3 has none. Now when it is the other way around, every bot think that they are Gordon Tullock.

Magic_The_Celt4200d ago


yes im counting reviews

know why?

the reviews of the game tell the quality of a game, then clearly the PS3 had more quality games

So, what would "win" ?

a console which had better games in a year
or a console which sold more units in a year

if you work for microsoft or sony then sales matter dont they? but we dont, we are gamers and we already own the console so sales mean
-NOTHING- to us, what does matter to us is how good the exlusive games are for that console, and as previously pointed out, PS3 had better games in 2008, because the games got higher reviews

therefor myfriend, the PS3 won 2008.

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Killzonegamer834200d ago

So no suprise titles? hes basically just going to talk more about Halo wars and Halo odst. ok LAME, Next up will be Halo tennis, Halo Football and Gears golf. I feel sorry for 360 only owners in 2009, you know its got to kill them to see such stellar titles like killzone 2 a couple months away and God of war 3 down the road also, while all they get is a Halo 3 spin off and Halo RTS

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Syko4199d ago

All trailing off fanboy non-sense IMO. All deleted, Talk about the article not why your purchase was the right one.

I will be playing Killzone and Halo this year. Why, because I like games. Not consoles.

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