Sony Interactive Entertainment Is Metacritic's Top Publisher For 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment is the best video game publisher of 2022, according to Metacritic with an average metascore of 85.6

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OtterX77d ago

That's ok, Microsoft will buy Metacritic. Problem solved.

P_Bomb77d ago

How ‘bout 10 years to come up with a metacritic competitor? LOL 😝

DigitallyAfflicted77d ago

Already existing N4G critics 🤣

OtterX77d ago

Editor's Pick for you, @P_Bomb. ;)

blitz062377d ago

MS will definitely use this for their Activision takeover

SullysCigar77d ago

Oof, he went there, folks!

If there's one thing we've come to expect from Sony, it's high quality exclusives. Looking forward to Burning Shores in a couple of weeks!

agnosticgamer76d ago

Maybe you forgot but Microsoft was #1 last year.

solideagle77d ago

lol this made me laugh :) Thank you! hehe

TheKingKratos77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Lol nicely done 😂😂😂
Microsoft is pretty much the only thing that is destroying the gaming industry....their double standards are off the charts.

343_Guilty_Spark77d ago

It wasn’t enough to praise SONY you had to bring up Microsoft. They must live in your head rent free

GamingSinceForever77d ago

And yet you were so offended by it that you commented. Make it make sense.

Elda77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Guessing you're

IamFrasierCrane77d ago

Don’t be dense. You’re here to bring up Microsoft anyways.

Hofstaderman77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

But of course Sony and MS are two variables on opposite side of the continuum. The one releases critically acclaimed games and the other…well…

IamTylerDurden177d ago

Are u second guessing the 343 name choice right about now..?

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DarXyde77d ago

I really hate that I almost choked on my tea reading this.

Well played, mate.

Obscure_Observer77d ago


"That's ok, Microsoft will buy Metacritic. Problem solved."

No need.


Waiting for absurd and hypocrite comments on how MS paid for Metacritic to be awarded as the highest rated publisher in 2021. XD

Christopher77d ago

I mean, Microsoft won 2021. Why would they need to buy it when it just fluctuates year after year?

porkChop77d ago

That's true. MS had, and still has, the record for the highest average score in a year (90). Before 2021 no publisher had ever scored above an 85.

jznrpg76d ago

The best forgettable year of all time ?

porkChop76d ago


2021 was forgettable? It Takes Two, FH5, Deathloop, Returnal, RE: Village, Hitman 3, Psychonauts 2, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Metroid Dread, Death's Door, Guardians of the Galaxy, MH: Rise, etc. That's forgettable to you? Seriously, take your fanboy goggles off.

OtterX76d ago

Ah yes, with Psychonauts 2 which was announced, developed and publicly funded by many PS4 gamers b4 Double Fine was bought. (Kind of reaffirms my joke!)

It's all in fun though. I have almost 100 hours in MS Flight Sim in PC VR, and it deserves all the high praise. I also enjoy Forza Horizon games which are really well done.

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COS76d ago

I had to LOL I was thinking how long would it take the Sony fanboy to bash MS on very positive news on Sony...the answer, less time then it took for me to write this message.

agnosticgamer76d ago

Just last year Xbox was number one.

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Vengeance113877d ago

Obviously, was there ever any doubt?

Obscure_Observer77d ago (Edited 77d ago )


"Also love how you couldn't mention any other "big hitters" besides the one, which is all they have. So they have a "potential" big hitter this year (singular)"

Because it´s plural!

Redfall which initial impressions on the game is great so far. Probably a 80+ Metascore as most of Arkane´s games performs. Just like Spider-Man.

Forza Motorsport will be a true current gen racing game which undoubtedly perform better than GT7 yet again, doesn´t matter how you feel about it.

Starfield will be a EPIC RPG game that will most definitely score higher than FFXVI.

Now you´re informed on which publisher will be Metacritic´s Top Publisher for 2023!

76d ago
SonyStyled76d ago

Final Fantasy is published by Square Enix and owns the IP, in case you didn’t know.

Square Enix games wont affect Sony games in meta score for 2023…

Obscure_Observer76d ago (Edited 76d ago )


"FFXVI is looking every bit a 90+ game."

I don´t think so. The over saturated and exaggerated flashy effects on each hit of an attack makes it nearly impossible to distinguish what´s going on in the fight. Especially at dark places/locations or when tag team attacks are executed. Hopefully SE will dim/reduce those effects and make the combat more organic and enjoyable.

I also didn´t like the implementation of the stagger system in this game. Unlike FFVII Remake, it´s looks quite easy to execute which in turn might become boring and repetitive quite fast.

At the top of it all, the game will feature 11 hours of cinematics out of 35 hours to complete the game. That means almost 1/3 of the entire game will be made of cinematics, so here´s hoping SE to deliver on a great and memorable story.

"Can you really guarantee Starfield which we've seen next to nothing of will be? I can't"

Me neither. It´s a new IP so anything can happen. It could get excellent metascore like Skyrim. Great metascore like Fallout 4 or mixed/bad metascore like Fallout 76 (which I personally believe to be highly unlikely)

The reasons I belive Starfield will turn out to be a better game, it´s not based on belief that FFXVI will be a bad game by any means. I just think Starfield has a bigger scope overall with vast open worlds, varied mechanics including space dogfighting, air combat, customization for ships and characters, hundred of side missions tons of things to discover etc... just a more intriguing and interesting game overall.

Obscure_Observer76d ago


"Square Enix games wont affect Sony games in meta score for 2023"

Which leaves Playstation (so far) with only Horizon Call of the Mountain (79 Metascore) and Spider-Man 2 vs Hi-Fi Rush, Minecraft Dungeons, Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Starfield on Xbox, right?

And yet somehow, PS Fanboys are expecting Sony to win Metacritic´s Top Publisher For 2023 award based on hot air.

There´s nothing on horizon (no pun intended) but disappointment waiting for them, but it will be fun to watch nonetheless.

76d ago
Vengeance113876d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Fanboy says what?
Your reply is just adorable.
Redfall is looking like a mid tier very average 7/10 doing nothing new game.

Forza in no way can match GT7 in PSVR2 in fact the racing community can't stop talking about GT7 VR, it's the ultimate racing experience. Forza literally can't match it.
Starfield from what we've seen also looks like the same average tier fallout in space we've seen nothing new 7/10 also it's Bugthesda so 100% will take few months of heavy patches and fixes before it's playable after being out.
Starfield will get buried by Spiderman 2 as competition as well as not coming close to the metascore of FF16 which will be in the 90s must play.
Nothing Microsoft has shown so far or has coming can match the PS5 output and quality. But it's cute when they try.
2023 and 2024 are Sony's as there is no other rival.
Enjoy the education I just gave you.
Really looking forward to your tantrum and tears when Redfall and Starfield flop like a fish on dry land lol looking like they'll both be on discount very quick.

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Obscure_Observer76d ago

"Really looking forward to your tantrum and tears when Redfall and Starfield flop like a fish on dry land lol looking like they'll both be on discount very quick."

My bet is that both games will score better that Horizon Call of The Mountain, since that game is all you have for now in terms of first party games released this year to compare to Xbox´s packed line up of games. Lol

You can try all you want but GT7 has a 87 Metascore and a 2.2 Userscore and no VR gimmicks can change that. Just take your L and brace yourself for impact because Forza will just be acclaimed as the best racing game yet again as it always have. XD

Vengeance113876d ago

You're so fully in denial it's scary hahahaha you're actually riding on Forza for your argument?? The same racing game that hasn't changed since the original lol a game so desperate for players it has to go for the little kid audience in Lego lol
GT7 is the REAL racing sim kid, in VR players are actually in the cars, it goes beyond a game, Forza is still waaaay back as a sub tier racer just an arcade racer with zero realism. Just for kids like you.
Seems like Xbox should have invested in something actually useful like a VR headset to immerse players and not the failing GamePass gimmick that loses money hahaha
Enjoy the L kid, you can add it to your massive collection of Ls this whole generation and last. When has Xbox ever topped PlayStation? Oh right never. When was your last GOTY ? Oh yeah never lol
Your salty tears Mmmmm so good! Where's Halo? Oh right... Microsoft mismanaged the company and its dead now.

Hypertension14076d ago


I'm sorry man, but after experiencing GT7 VR don't know how forza motorsport can match it, the level immersion is insane.
I just can go back to playing on a flat screen anymore, that goes for all racers.
If you actually played it you'll understand, but is obvious you never will.

Obscure_Observer76d ago (Edited 76d ago )


Like I said, dude. Nobody gives a damn about your VR gimmicks. The CORE game will always be the MAIN game. GT7 VR is nothing but a gaming mode and always will be.

This is a Metacritic related topic which you were glowing all over it until I brought you cold hard facts regarding METAscores for Sony first party games which is nothing sort of impressive for both GT7 and Horizon VR.

All you can do is kick and scream like a child because you know that Xbox first party games are already getting better reviews than your little VR game. XD

RedDevils76d ago

Now who throwing a tantrum here? Just stop acting like a insecure, and stop crying every time someone have a different view to you.

Eonjay76d ago

Without VR there is no way Forza can match GT7. There is nothing they can do. Forza will be great for what it will be but thats no longer good enough to be considered special.

The Wood76d ago

I came for the histrionics and clown show and 0 0 delivered. Damn, sonys continued successes really irks sone people. One thing thats different is xbox fans are finally in the conversation due to output. Ultimately this gen is a wrap but a participant award is a step up. Shout out to them

Vengeance113876d ago

Hahahahahaha that's classic! I can hear the holding back of tears already lol
Trying to deny the fact that Sony dominates xbox in every category this gen?
You want to talk metacritic? Let's see who just won, hmmmm looks like Sony.
Keep playing your slow and tired little last gen racer while the real racing community and everyone else praises GT7 along with its game changing VR mode as the next huge leap in the genre. I doubt Xbox will make another Forza since there's no chance they can compete against GT.
Xbox simply has nothing to rival Sony with in 2023, Starfield and Redfall will more than likely flop hard due to being tired last gen games with tons of bugs.
As I said, there's really no doubt Sony will keep winning best publisher year after year going forward. Xbox has given up.
Maybe if you ask nicely the PS community will accept you.

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Flawlessmic77d ago

2022 was a fantastic yr for Sony, kept me busy the whole way through, then again Sony basically always deliver so no surprises.

Aloymetal77d ago

''then again Sony basically always deliver so no surprises.''
This is why PS has such a strong fanbase everywhere in the world. Fans know that sooner or later the brand will deliver.

DarXyde77d ago

I give more credit to the community, personally. Sony does great work, but I also think it's because we're kind of hostile towards them, as we should be. Remember PS3? Sony did some wild, unsavory stuff coming off the PS2's magic and tried to coast on that. After a ton of humbling, PS3 was bloody amazing. They fixed GT7 and honored their original promise with Horizon Forbidden West.

That's not Sony, that's y'all. And you're doing great work. ✌🏾

Side note: I really miss Folklore. Super underrated game.

Obscure_Observer77d ago

"then again Sony basically always deliver so no surprises."

So Sony get awarded for its great year in 2022 but not in 2021 and yet, "No surprises"

Flawlessmic76d ago


I didnt say they win every yr, my comment was saying that generally every yr is pretty good for them even on a down yr they never leave us high and dry with nothing

Unlike ms who have a fantastic yr this yr and im loving it but last yr my series x was the worlds greatest dust collector.

Obscure_Observer76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

"Unlike ms who have a fantastic yr this yr and im loving it but last yr my series x was the worlds greatest dust collector."

Cool story, bro, which you like and repeat ad nauseam. Next time, just consider and sell your fancy dust collector instead and save us from your whinny little rant which always come across as some nonsensical rhetorical bs.

You know quite well that last year was a dry year for Xbox because both Starfield and Redfall had to be delayed so we can enjoy better, less buggy and all-around more enjoyable and refined gaming experiences.

Just remember that when/if you ever enjoy playing both Starfield and Redfall because if were up to you, the games would be released in some trashy/unfinished state and it would be just another day for you to bash another Xbox first party game.

Flawlessmic76d ago

mate check the comment history iv had mostly nothing but good things to say about my xbox this yr.

From hi fi rush,, atomic heart, monster hunter, currently on the final boss for wo long, i give credit where its due, and criticism where its due.

i made no mention of xbox or MS in my op, i simply stated that year on yr Sony usually deliver with out fail, which that statement is true unless your telling me they flop most yrs.

your the one that brought MS into the discussion, so i had to expand on my comment didnt i?

Everyone knows your the biggest fanboy here so dont try come at me with your fanboy drivel. i call it as i see it, sorry the truth upsets you.

Obscure_Observer76d ago

"Everyone knows your the biggest fanboy here so dont try come at me with your fanboy drivel. i call it as i see it, sorry the truth upsets you."

Unlike you I didn´t trashed Sony to make my point. You are the one who said the year Xbox won Metacritic's Top Publisher For 2021, was the year you made a dust collector out of your Xbox.

You just couldn´t help yourself but to start and spraying fanboy vitriol which was nothing but expected from a PS fanboys like yourself.

The Wood76d ago

OO. You're in here on some salty ish. Crying to be heard. Sit back and chill. You're clearly triggered very easily.

CML276d ago

"You are the one who said the year Xbox won Metacritic's Top Publisher For 2021, was the year you made a dust collector out of your Xbox."

Flawlessmic didnt say that AT ALL. Youre so caught up in your feelings you cant even read properly.

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Elda77d ago

Not surprised in the slightest.