No Man's Sky on PSVR2: glorious, overwhelming space exploration

Vikki Blake: "But my word, it's been some time since a game made me gasp aloud the way I did when I fired up my thrusters and whooshed up into the air for the first time… and it's hard to deny the full capabilities of what VR – and indeed, No Man's Sky’s VR edition – can offer than when a video game can make you feel like that."

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SullysCigar72d ago

Can anyone confirm if the latest patch:

Has increased the resolution for PSVR2 yet? Game is amazing in VR, but I want clearer visuals in the distance before I put much time to it. looking forward to it, so hoping it's better now.

sagapo72d ago

Didn’t they increase the res up to 4k with the release of the PSVR2? Fractal update 4.1 that is.

Ozzy240772d ago

No that update is the one we on now which has the slighty blurry image and we awaiting a new patch for clearing up the image.

SullysCigar72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

They need to use eye-tracked foveated rendering. If they patch that in, the clarity boost will be huge. That's when I'll jump in again, because the controls have already had a massive overhaul for the better! It should reduce any pop-in too, thanks to freeing up processing potential.

z2g72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

No man’s sky is certainly cool in psvr2 for sure. The only bummer is sometimes it makes you even more aware of the limited graphics of the game. Still super cool tho. Physically grabbing the controls of your ship is really neat - mildly frustrating at first, but once you get it down it’s cool.

Gardenia72d ago

I don't have a VR and not planning on getting one, but playing games like No Man's Sky and Gran Turismo in VR must be awesome I imagine.