Nintendo Shouldn't Drop Classic Zelda in Favor of Breath of the Wild-Style Games

Nintendo struck gold with Breath of the Wild's open-world style of gameplay, but it shouldn't forget The Legend of Zelda's beloved beginnings.

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Sgt_Slaughter72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

We just got the classic 2D games through NSO, they remade Link's Awakening, not to mention they gave an indie developer the chance to make their own LoZ game with Cadence of Hyrule.

They're not dropping classic LoZ, so not sure why this is an article.

rippermcrip72d ago

I think they're asking for a main game in the classic style, not remakes or some offshoot game.

Inverno72d ago

They should revisit the lands of the Oracle games in a sequel rather than a remake, and go back to the seas of Wind Waker. Tho if they go back to Wind Waker a fully explorable underwater Hyrule in the style BoTW would be way cooler.

KeeseToast72d ago

I think Breath of the Wild is the perfect evolution for 3D Zelda games. They can still improve on many aspects, like adding more classic dungeon design, but overall botw is a great template for Zelda games moving forward.

I would love to see more 2D Zelda games though in addition to the 3D ones and not just remakes. An original game in the style of Links awakening would be awesome