Resident Evil: 7 Funniest Moments In Capcom's Horror Franchise

Capcom's long-standing survival horror franchise has featured many downright hilarious scenes. These are the funniest moments from Resident Evil.

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merlox72d ago

The first RE may have had bad dialog. But, what made the game great to me was the, FMV intro. To me that intro got me into playing RE. As much as modern players may not like it. It set the tone of the first game.

Babadook771d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Mild Spoiler…

(I just played an RE where I got my hand cut off and a minute later glued it back on with a health potion)

That was pretty funny.

adamwparker71d ago

This moment was immediately what I thought of when I read the article header, lol!

Yeah, I'll just hold my severed hand back to its stump and it'll reattach itself, haha...