Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Console Already in the Works

Microsoft inadvertently confirms that its PS6 rival and Xbox Series X/S successor is already in the works and has a codename.

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FallenAngel198477d ago

No duh. New consoles usually start development 2-3 years after a console gets released

What did you expect them to start in their 5th year?

Jin_Sakai77d ago

The Xbox booth at GDC. Are they really about to announce this thing?

Jin_Sakai77d ago

Patiently waiting. Only 25 years to go!

porkChop77d ago

Hmm. Phil said the Xbox HDMI stick for cloud gaming was in development but they couldn't get it under a certain price point. Likely $99. I wonder if they were able to figure that out now with newer hardware. It would be a smart product to put out, especially if that mobile gaming storefront also launches on it.

Profchaos76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

@porkchop I don't know given the success of the Samsung intergration I can see smart tv apps being used as a alternative to a HDMI stick.

But realistically the quality doesn't really compete when compared to native rendering in my experience on a gigabit connection streamed to x1 and PC it's fairly heavy with artists and screen tearing I'd be buying consoles until they can improve image quality and response time in cloud streaming.

But even Xbox admit that only a small subset of users will prefer cloud streaming and it's a supplemental service

aaronaton76d ago

That's the scruffiest and most unprofessional booth i've seen from a big company in years.

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Obscure_Observer77d ago

"What did you expect them to start in their 5th year?"

Some people were expecting Xbox to leave the console market rather sooner than later.

I´m glad that those people will be disappointed.

notachance76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

this dude always too eager to start a console war in the comments lmao

outsider162476d ago

Well..they did buy their way in. If they hadn't..i would expect as soon as 2025


ActualEngineer76d ago

Xbox has money to burn. They will be the last to leave the physical console space.

AmUnRa76d ago

You love to fuel the consolewar in every article dont you?

kayoss76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Dude, live up to your name and be an obscure observer...

fr0sty76d ago

Yet another generation they will lose. They've lost every one so far.

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EvertonFC76d ago

"gamerant" what did you expect 🤣😂

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Retroman76d ago

New consoles Start development after previous (PS5) console is released next following month. Not 2-3 years later who told you that lie??

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XiNatsuDragnel77d ago

Like ps6 so is Xbox making a successor I'm not surprised tbh.

Vits77d ago

Well, it might be:

1. The successor to the Xbox Series. That would make some sense, we have a bunch of new tech reaching the consumer market at once. From faster memory to better and more efficient architectures. So starting to think about the successor does make some sense.
2. It's the mid-gen upgrade. Same reason as before, there is new tech available and I doubt manufacturers will drop the idea of a mid-gen renewal. It will be interesting to see how they do that with the Xbox Series S, though.
3. It's the streaming box. We already know that they were working on a cloud-based device and while I don't believe it makes that much sense now with TVs coming with Xbox Cloud pre-installed and the G-Cloud being more or less adopted as the "portable" Xbox. Maybe they were already too far into development to drop it.

ActualEngineer76d ago

My boy ... MS had dropped a 8 billion project along with a buy out/merger of a cellphone company in the past (Nokia). You really think they are too far into something, not to drop it!? For a 2.2 trillion company expected to reach 2.6+ in this year ... a billion is what they wipe their ass with.

Vits76d ago

Yeah, same division, budget and team as well! Incredible insight! Should change your profession to business analysis kiddo.

cammers199576d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Ugh. PTSD my friend. I was a major windows phone fanboy. I HATE android. Microsoft bought Nokia and all the quality windows phone handsets immediately died off because Microsoft started making the Lumia handsets instead of Nokia and it is partially what killed the platform. Then they discontinued lumia and windows phone OS. Now I use IOS.

purple10177d ago

They will have released more consoles in last 3 years than they have released games.

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TheKingKratos76d ago

God, man you don't have to be this brutal about it.

anast76d ago

You forget HIFI Rush has already made up for the last 20 years.

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Hofstaderman76d ago

R and D normally starts as soon as the current console is released.

Rude-ro76d ago

R and D for what?
Microsoft just throws in out

RedDevils76d ago

R and B you meant, Research and Buy. Maybe skip the research and just buy lol