MyWii: Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City Review

MyWii writes: "When Animal Crossing hit the Gamecube last generation, it was met with high critical acclaim and commercial success. It's casual and extremely accessible interactive gameplay made it one of the best titles available on a console with a fantastic line-up. Ever since that title was released, Nintendo have – in their typical teasing fashion – left hints about a "sequel" for the Wii. We never got that. Instead, what gamers have received is a re-imagining - or improvement if you will - of Wild World, the first DS version of the franchise. That's a good and bad thing. Good, because Wii owners get to play a solid Animal Crossing title with new controls and a few new features. Bad because technically, it's not a full blown sequel. It doesn't feel like one. It has too many similarities to Wild World to be considered one, which is an incredible letdown. However, if you can look beyond that, Let's Go To The City is still a worthwhile experience on the Wii."

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