MyWii: World of Goo WiiWare Review

MyWii writes: "Brilliant, fantastic, crazily addictive, all this and more sums up one of, if not the most anticipated WiiWare games to date World of Goo. Developed by a team of three at 2D Boy World of Goo is not only the best game to hit Nintendo's original download service this year, it's one of the best on the console including full retail releases. The seemingly simple gameplay will have you addicted, so much that you could be forgiven for thinking that Nintendo themselves developed this gem. World of Goo will only set you back 1500 Wii Points (approx. AUD$22), relatively nothing in comparison to the hefty prices of full retail releases. World of Goo was the most hyped WiiWare game this year, and not only did it manage to reach its anticipation, it surpassed it."

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