Redfall Hands-On Preview - IGN

Redfall promises to bring gothic horrors, smart skills, and very cool vampire kills to open world shooters, and the first signs are looking good.

gangsta_red69d ago

Awesome preview, looks like they've all been pretty positive. This game definitely looks like it will be more of a blast to play with friends. Can't wait now, GP is definitely coming through this year!

Hofstaderman69d ago

IGN hanging on to those MS teats. Other previews are not as IGN are making things out to be.

Lightning7769d ago

Why does it bother you so much that IGN likes the game?

All the other outlets are favorable.

For someone who hates everything Xbox you sure are present in these articles.

bunt-custardly69d ago

PC Gamer said it was devoid of life and quite dull. Another site said the combat was repetitive. One man's meat and all that.

DarXyde69d ago

The worst I've read from the sites I frequent is that it's kind of a standard shooter, but I would not say that is a bad thing either. Pretty much everything else was positive.

repsahj69d ago

Underwhelming graphics imho, I like bloodhunt's graphics better. But I think it looks fun to play.

F0XH0UND92269d ago

Looks like call of duty with vampires to me. Gunplay looks decent but clunky.

slate9169d ago

yall get on here and say anything

F0XH0UND92268d ago

I know, so crazy right? People talking about games on a gaming forum. Crazy times man