PS5 Creators: How Resident Evil 4 harnesses PS5’s power

Capcom details how the console’s SSD, DualSense controller and more bring the survival horror remake to life.

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SullysCigar69d ago

Looking forward to the haptic and adaptive trigger integration for this one. Makes a big difference in shooters and horror, so this could a great showpiece for the tech.

S2Killinit69d ago

Haptics and adaptive triggers have been a revelation this gen. In VR they are so much more because of all the additional functionality. Its night and day without them.

z2g69d ago

So it must be doing the same thing with even a bit more power on the series x.

I hate this shit when they pretend the game just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

JokerBoy12969d ago

It's a part of Sonys marketing contracts that Xbox has to be ignored. However this site is widely known as a headquarters for Sony fanboys who worship Jim Ryan...

TriniOutsider69d ago

Almost like Microsoft doesn't do the same thing.

Aloymetal69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

''However this site is widely known as a headquarters for Sony fanboys who worship Jim Ryan...''
What about the rest of the gaming sites out there? Are they known as headquarters for xbox fanbois who worship the messiah aka lord Phil?

''Microsoft is too busy putting all their time, funding, and resources into their cloud streaming''
Is that the same cloud that according to lord Phil was going to make the xbone 7x more powerful?

JokerBoy12969d ago

@TriniOutsider, nope you're correct. Microsoft is too busy putting all their time, funding, and resources into their cloud streaming and leaving everything else behind. I'm not too impressed with the way they've handled this gen overall. I think they have the more powerful machine but what the hell am I supposed to play on it? They got a few titles but Sonys wiping the floor with them by playing hard while Phil Spencer is terrified to play hardball with them and risk looking like the bad guy.

Nyxus69d ago

I don't think many people are worshipping Jim Ryan. Phil Spencer on the other hand...

Babadook769d ago (Edited 69d ago )

‘However this site is widely known as a headquarters for Sony fanboys”

Just like earth. Fanboys are so dumb.

69d ago
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Einhander197169d ago

It's all about the haptics, it's a game changer:)

Nyxus69d ago

They're also talking about the Dualsense, so no.

Pocahontas69d ago

Xbox gets beat all the time with multiplats lol

SullysCigar69d ago

Controller haptics, adaptive triggers, sounds coming from the controller and health status via lights are all impossible on the xbox consoles and this is all outlined in the article that you didn't read.

Remember: Step one - read article. Step TWO - comment.

Hofstaderman69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

They too busy scouring the net on developments regarding a certain acquisition to actually read.

Vanfernal69d ago

So... You want an article from the official Playstation Blog to throw a line in there "btw, also available on Xbox"? 😆

IamTylerDurden169d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Stop with tflop bs both consoles have performed similarly. PS fans let go of the SSD hype so let go of your power perversion. The only real difference has been the controller. Each console has performance wins here n there stop acting like every multi release is automatically assumed to be better on XB. Remember toolsets? Not to mention at least half the ppl who play on XB Series do so on a 4 tflop console. Yall brag about power yet defend the weakest next gen system it's funny. I have both btw.

EvertonFC69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

The difference is the duelsense controller, last time I checked Xbox S/X doesn't have it.
Also it's the playstation blog so hardly gonna mention xbox on there, helps to read numpty.

MetroidFREAK2169d ago

Business marketing deals happen on all sides. Move along

repsahj69d ago

It's from, what do you expect? praise MS? Ask them to do an interview also on their website.

Melankolis69d ago

It's, what do you expect?.

So stop whining and make Xbox website or Xbox blog to make an interview. That way the interview will contain anything about the game on Xbox. Infinite stupidity. The sh*t is you.

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Viljong69d ago

It harness it by giving the psvr2 full story mode!

Thundercat7769d ago

Can't imagine playing without Dualsense. It has been a key factor for this gen.

I have also seen how RE4 Remake harnesses my wallet's power 😂. Already pre-ordered, installed and ready to dive once again into that satanic slaves village.

Bemi69d ago

I do love me some Dualsense

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