Silent Hill 2 is technically ready; Bloober Team wants to be the world leader in horror games

The remake of Silent Hill 2, which the Bloober Team is working on, is technically ready, but the decision on the debut date lies with the partners, Piotr Babieno, the company's president, told PAP Biznes. By 2027, Bloober Team wants to become the leader of the horror genre in the global video game sector.

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Vengeance113873d ago

Dear lord, quite the massive way to go then, maybe try putting out atleast 1 horror game that isn't just mid tier bargain bin worthy?

SullysCigar73d ago

The game's not ready until it has a VR patch. Flat games just aren't scary anymore since I've ruined multiple pairs of pants in VR.

nickanasty20673d ago

You must not be playing with the right headphones. Sound makes all the difference with horror games without the nauseum.

Gamer7573d ago

Not every game needs to have vr to be ready to play

ThePacemaker72d ago

I completely disagree with this. With Pule 3D headset on, horror games can really be scary on flat OLED screens in total darkness. I almost had heart attack playing House Beneviento in RE Village.

SullysCigar72d ago

^ I can only speak for myself. Games are WAY more atmospheric in VR and that makes them more scary. I'm using a platinum headset on flat and VR and they sound great. 3D audio clearly helps, but you get a truer effect in VR, as it's positional and when you turn your head, the sound remains in place. Being in the game makes a massive difference and Silent Hill is the perfect franchise to demonstrate this.

10% of people that played RE7 chose play in VR - given the ratio of flat screen options to PSVR, that's impressive and it's almost certainly because they tried it or trusted a friend's opinion. RE Village is leagues better in VR for me - and the sound is a large part of that, because that too is enhanced by VR.

Silent Hill would sell headsets in the same way that GT7 is right now.

Fearmonkey72d ago

Agreed! I played Resident Evil 7 and finished it in VR, waaayyyy more scary than on a flat screen.
Resident Evil 8 wasn't really that scary to me on PC and headphones, playing the House Beneviento Baby scenes on psvr2 was a crap your pants moment and I knew what was coming. Also, the initial first section of village was way more tense because of the player mechanisms to reload, heal, and access weapons. Village in VR is a very different game.

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TricksterArrow73d ago

Well, they have to start from somewhere. I feel like they get better with each release and their storylines and ideas are OK for the most part, but man, the gameplay is usually boring as heck...

Sonic188173d ago

And tell Blooper team to stop making walking simulators

-Foxtrot73d ago

The thing is, what they don't seem to realise, is that when this was rumoured people were begging for it not to be true, not the Silent Hill II remake part, oh God no people wanted that they just didn't want Bloober to be making it. So what does that tell you?

They need to know that with how loved this game is and how successful horror remakes like Resident Evil 2/4 and Dead Space have become, that if they fail resulting in this being shit then they are f*****....gamers won't forget, it will taint them forever.

BandarHub73d ago

There is no reason for them to stray from the Silent Hill 2 Formula.
Their job in this case is to remake the game exactly as it is but with updated graphics, everything else from story, level design and gameplay will the same. That is something that should not be altered in any case.

-Foxtrot73d ago

Which kind of relates to my point

The game is done for them, they only need to remake it so if they manage somehow to fail here then it will taint them for a very long time

They'll never be a world leader in horror games when they can't even do a remake

jambola73d ago

no, it's a remake not a remaster
the gameplay will definitely be different

DarXyde72d ago

I think they will inevitably try to "modernize" it in their own ways. One thing about remakes I've noticed is that, if a different team is making it, they often insist on injecting their own personality and touch. Bluepoint's Demon's Souls for example feels quite different from its template, be it artistic choice or other things (mainly the frame rate, I suppose).

For Silent Hill 2, I suspect Bloober is going to do something to imprint their own signature into the title beyond updating it. If this team is speaking so ambitiously about being the go-to for horror, you don't do that just living in someone else's shadow.

I definitely think we're going to get something more than a standard remake, and that does warrant caution at the very least.

Maybe it depends on how well a game like SH2 holds up today.

on_line_forever73d ago

After watching trailer I can say they already failed , just look what they did with james face and how bad they design pyramid head

I don't trust them .

BandarHub73d ago

"They'll never be a world leader in horror games when they can't even do a remake"
They have been doing better over time and they will get there.
Some people did not like Medium for some reason but I enjoyed it. It had an interesting story to tell. They have lots of work to do when it comes to combat and level design and bringing an element of fun into the game similar to how dead Space and resident evil do. But those were a team of 100s with a AAA budget, Blooder is a small team but still managed to give us great visuals.
But I liked the Medium because it was able to create an immersive atmosphere. The opening shot of you exploring your apartment was really well done.

richardmmorales72d ago

Most of the hate I've seen has all been because The Medium was a timed exclusive on Xbox. Releasing on Xbox first. and even at that I think it was only like a 6 month difference. It's stupid that is why it's got so much hate. I personally waited because at initial release it was digital only. Waited for the physical release. Now if only other games that were digitally only would come out physically. Like the Fatal Frame 5 and 4 remasters. Tempted to import them since they got physical releases in Japan and Asia Regions.

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Hofstaderman73d ago

I genuinely grinned when I read this headline.

hotnickles73d ago

Don’t talk about it be about it. I will crown them myself.

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