RE4 Remake: Should You Play The Original Resident Evil 4 First?

Both have their advantages: the original Resident Evil 4 is a timeless classic, whereas the remake updates its more controversial aspects.

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CrimsonWing6972d ago

I think it’d give you a stronger appreciation for what was done with the Remake. Hell, I say that’s the case for all Remakes.

P_Bomb72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I don’t believe the remake includes the Ada Wong campaign, ‘Separate Ways’. If newcomers want more RE4 when they’re done, consider picking up that expansion via the 2005 remaster. You’ll get to see who rings the bell, among other things.

jznrpg72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I never played 4 much . I think I started it and immediately thought this doesn’t feel like RE. I own it on PS3 and 4 I believe so I’ll play it someday . My taste changes slightly over the years so maybe I could appreciate it now when I didn’t back then. I still haven’t played any of the remakes though I own them all heh . I’ll probably grind them all out this summer

P_Bomb72d ago

The remakes definitely tweaked the gameplay. Aim ‘n’ move at the same time, new crouch button and parry. The demo is still up if you want to see if it’s more/less to your liking. I’d definitely recommend giving that a whirl. Try before you buy.