Netflix doubles down on 40 more games nobody asked for

Netflix expanding its library of unplayed digital dust collectors, with 40 more games set to launch by 2023.

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melons73d ago

bit needlessly mean of a headline?

CrimsonWing6973d ago

I know right? I was coming in here to say the same thing.

Amplitude73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Mean but... not really wrong. I dont know a soul who's played games on Netflix since they launched them over a year ago.
It has all the negativity of all the other gaming subscription services but with even less (arguably zero) good content and features. Plus you can get Play Pass for 30 bucks a year with an absurd amount more mobile gaming content, achievements, cross friends lists, play time tracking, cloud saves, no ads, etc etc etc. The article could have gone into detail on why Netflix's gaming offerings are rough rather than just saying "nobody uses this lol" and for that reason it's a trash-tier article, but the very little that it said still isn't wrong.

As a Canadian, they've started charging us for accessing our accounts in other houses or password sharing with friends and family (even on the highest price 10 screen tier) so i aint gonna defend any negativity this awful company gets.

poppatron72d ago

They’ve got some great games on there. If you like games you should one hundred percent have a look. Just so people here believe me

Into the breach - the only other game the people who made ftl have made, it’s awesome

Turtles shredders revenge



Kentucky route zero

Valiant hearts

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some nonsense on there as well, and some of these are old, but for free and on your phone… I don’t think you can go wrong

Christopher72d ago

It's a Netflix should stay in their lane article while everyone else do as they please article.

porkChop73d ago

So what? At least they're making actual games. We don't ask for most of the games that get made but people still enjoy them.

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EvertonFC73d ago

Still haven't got round to playing "valiant heart" on Netflix. Guess I'm just not fussed about mobile games as I loved the PlayStation version

LabRat73d ago

Nobody asked for this article, yet here we are.

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