Sea of Thieves Has Over 1 Billion Hours Of Playtime; Xbox Port Has More Players Than PC

The statistics were revealed in the celebration of fifth-year anniversary.

HardKnockKid24186d ago

This was your very first thought here? Not “Gee, maybe I’ll give this a try, seems like the devs pushed out a good product. I’ll try for myself”
“Wow, not for me, but glad gamers are enjoying gaming”
Dang man, keep fighting the good fight I guess?

MadLad186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Any praise at all for Microsoft isn't why the majority on here post here.

Z501186d ago

Do people eat McDonald's because it says 1 billion served?

Ra3030186d ago

I gave it a go a couple yrs ago with a couple friends. Personally I found it dumb at worst and boring at best. The gameplay was clunky and I found the game much more work than fun but then I actually didn't find any fun and this is supposed to a game......that's not a good thing imo.

Kaozz1979186d ago

This game didnt do as well as they hoped for on release if I remember correctly. Not to say it tanked. Did anything change?

343_Guilty_Spark186d ago

If you have to ask you don’t know anything about the game or it’s playerbase

ocelot07186d ago

Are people not allowed to ask questions now 343? I think what he said is valid stop getting so offended.

To answer your question @Kaozz1979 when it released it was barren. It had a good idea. But it was empty. But think of it as like the way no man's sky. It was a bit rubbish for the first 2 or so years. But the Devs starts releasing more and more content and it became enjoyable.

Can't say I have played it for a year or so now. But when I did they had added a fair new stuff to it and was fun to play for a few days.

Z501186d ago

Isn't that the purpose of a QUESTION???

Wikkid666186d ago

It's 5 years in and they're planning 5 more, so it's safe to say it exceeded their expectations.

cthulhucultist186d ago

On December 2021 it was announced that it had sold 5 million copies on Steam (do not know the Xbox One numbers).

They also announced a total of 25 million players at that time


During the 7th season they announced a total of 30 million players (again, not sales).

So it is safe to say that the game did rather well after all despite light on content during launch

Obscure_Observer186d ago

Lol. PS fanboys so salty because of Sea of Thieves, the game they swore that would be DOA is celebrating it´s 5th year of undeniable success, looking forward for more 5 years of great adventures and maybe more awesome partnerships as they made with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

Congratulations RARE! Looking forward to Everwild.

darkrider186d ago

No dude. It floped and floped hard. That's why the hours metric to try somekind of victory.

When it's a success any studio says this game sold __________

When it floped they talk only about laps, shoots, player count and a bunch of excuses.

Obscure_Observer186d ago


"When it floped they talk only about laps, shoots, player count and a bunch of excuses."

Sure thing, dude


MadLad186d ago

They did hell of a lot to improve the game and flesh it out.
It's a great time with friends. One of only a small handful of service games I actively play.

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peppeaccardo186d ago

.. yes but how many synthetic waves have been created .. this is the number I am looking to hear of the most !


Hahahahahahahaha again with the numbers of hours instead of players 😂


What about dem sales figures though?

cthulhucultist186d ago

In 2021 it was announced on Steam that is sold 5 million copies.

There were no xbox one numbers announced.

The headline claims that Xbox One has more players than PC port, however we do not know how many of those actually bought it to compare.

darkrider186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Of course not. The numbers are just bad. This is available on gp...

343_Guilty_Spark186d ago

It’s a successful game that exceeded expectations.



No apologies necessary. I'm glad an Xbox IP is doing well.

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