EA Sports Adds New Anti-Racism Kits for Several European Leagues to FIFA 23

EA Sports has added new anti-racism kits for a number of European leagues to FIFA 23, obtainable through completing simple Objectives.

XSpike69d ago

Can't wait till this blows up by offending someone, in why is it behind ''simple FUT Objectives''? No doubt being time limited etc.. That is pretty racist thinking that minorities can freely access these anti racist uniforms in a white supremacy video game structure which is feed on mircotransactions.

I just want a blind transabled person to stop being descriminted againsted and be allowed to complete his/her/zem/them/they/it/thing life long dream of being an professional life long football player, till the day that is allowed these campaigns will have to keep raising awareness till that's allowed to happen & is the norm.

RaiderNation65d ago

Lmao WTF is an anti-racism kit??