The 10 Biggest Flops of 2008

Here are the 10 biggest busts in gaming for the year of 2008.

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WANNA GET HIGH4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

This will not end well....

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Sony PlayStation 34206d ago

#1 biggest flop of 2008:

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SaiyanFury4206d ago

OK at least 3 of the games this guy mentions were released with 2 bloody months remaining in the year, how much were they expected to sell in such a short amount of time. Like LittleBigPlanet selling "only" 1.5 million copies. For such a short time frame I think that's pretty good. Another attempt by the media to skew the numbers with word tricks. Also Resistance 2. Sure it might not have lived up to some peoples' expectations, but it's a great game online and off. Selling over a million units in 2 months, again, isn't bad. I wish the media would stop using words to twist facts and numbers around.

Sony PlayStation 34206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

#1 biggest flop: (the source of this article)

#2 biggest flop: N4G's credibility

SaiyanFury4206d ago

Yeah I think is the real flop here. With games like Resistance 2 and LBP coming out in a time when the economy is in turmoil, I don't think their sales are all that bad, especially with only counting 2 months of sales. Everyone is counting their dollars lately and with both games selling over a million each in such a short time span where each dollar is important, I think that's very positive sales. Sure, they might do better when the average family has more money, but considering the financial chaos going on in the world, selling over a million each that's not bad at all.

zodiac9094205d ago

lol someone is always there to say this!

phosphor1124205d ago

Haze was a flop, but it wasn't a horrible game. It was just broken with glitches..sadly.

Just wanted to get that out there.

Beast_Master4205d ago

People stop making top ten list of garbage. Let's talk about real flops, like Spiderman Web of Shadows, Quantum of Solice, No More Heros, DeBlob and Boom Blox and every JRPG released on the 360. All of these games have a larger market share and none sold close to 1 million.

What is the criteria for a "Flop" because a game that sells more than a million copies seems to be doing well, it qualifies as a Greatest Hit or Platnum game at that point. You can say, "you personally expected, a title to sell better" but that doesn't mean the market will respond. But if it has legs and sells 1-2 million in a few months who is to say it won't top 2-4 million over it's life span. considering both titles will eventually be greatest hits.

RebornSpy4205d ago

But Boom Blox was good...

prowiew4205d ago

I think the list is spot on. The only problem I have with the list is that it mixes flops in scores with flops in sales. In terms of sales all of the those are flops, minus mercenaries.

pixelsword4205d ago

Games that sell over one million are declared a success by THE INDUSTRY. This fraudulent article usurps industry definition of what a successful game is.


I did not have an opinion of which site had better news, Digg or N4G; having seen this "article" survive, I believe Digg has the upper hand.

mint royale4205d ago

they both made profits and sold reasonably well for a new IP. I don't know how you can possibly come up with that conclusion. Lips and SOCOM were the biggest commercial failures IMO. LPB and resistance 2 sold well too.

Yipee Bog4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

would have to be Mercenaries 2. That game was hyped and failed at everything. One of the most glitch ridden games I have ever bought. What happened to the days that developers had to make, ship and polish a game with no patches(pre-next gen, minus pc gaming)? Games should not be put out the door for the sake of a ship date that was promised 6 months into it's development. Heck, not even a year for that matter. Ship the game when its done. I do understand that games need tentative ship dates to keep gamers at bay, but I don't think developers need top be pressured with a looming schedule, it just produces crap like Mercs 2. Case in point, Blizzard games "It will be done when its done", and how many people play WoW or even Diablo 2 still because they're good games. OK, I'm done rambling

uie4rhig4205d ago

anything that sells more than a million, is anything BUT a flop lol.. but that might just be me :)

Mozilla894205d ago

when I saw Force Unleashed wasn't on it. (And Resistance 2 was.) I didn't think EndWar was that bad either.

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Xbox Street Gang4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

wtf is this article? LBP having a 95 metacritic rating and selling 1.5 mil units in less than 2 months is a flop?

Oh! Forgot it was opposite day...

Agent VX4206d ago

It is quite easy, MGS 4 and LBP are the two biggest games released on the PS3 yet. But LBP has only sold 1.5 million copies over the Christmas holidays is a humongous Flop.

I totally believe this game (LBP) will have some legs, but as for now, sales have been very bad for a title of this caliber. LBP has failed so far, though not near as bad as Resistance 2 has.

MURKERR4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

lbp has sold nearly 2mil in two months(recent figures)and is constantly selling, how is that a flop for a NEW ip? if you are goin to troll do it in a more intelligent way where your facts support your claims

have a good newyear

cayal4206d ago

1.5 - 2 mill for any game is not a flop no matter what.

Gambit074206d ago

@ Agent: Ok, forget the hype, do you realize that LBP is a game mostly done with a dev team of about 30-40 people, which means it didn't have a humongous budget to begin with, which means they don't need to sell that many copies to rake in the profits. For example let's say a movie comes out with a 20 million budget and makes 35 million at the box office, a 15 million profit would not be considered a flop, but a 100 million dollar movie comes out and makes 110 million, a 10 million profit would be a flop because of the amount of money poured into the project.

InMyOpinion4206d ago


Expectations: LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2 will be the biggest games of 2008 and outsell everything on the 360. The only 360 game that stands a chance is Gears 2 and it will be left in the dust. LittleBigPlanet will be bigger than Mario, MGS4 will compete with Halo 3's sales numbers and Resistance 2 will outsell Gears 2 alone.

Outcome: Gears of War 2 sells more in one day than Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet manages to sell in 2 months. Even Fable 2, who no one thought would even compete with these 'juggernauts', enjoys better sales than Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and LittleBigPlanet. MGS4 enjoys good sales and at the end of the year it's close to what Halo 3 sold in it's first week.

And now you try to act like you never hyped up Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet to be Gears of War killers and the second coming of Christ? Short memory span indeed.

I'll leave Home out of this but you as all know, same story there: overhyping and underdelivering.

Bubble Buddy4206d ago

Jenzo; send us links who said that o_0? Most PS3 owners were eagerly waiting for these games but not thinking like it's the second coming of Christ. You're overreacting just a wee bit. I know you're right about those few idiots that just keep repeating the game's name over and over again...

JeffGUNZ4205d ago

Yeah, but Gears of War 2 sold over 3 millions copies within the first month of it's release. I don't think we can blame the economy on this one.

Everyone I know who has a PS3, including my brother, who is a fanboy in denial, said R2 was a major disappointment.

Don't worry though, Killzone 2 will get great profits.

tda-danny4205d ago

Seriously dude, stfu.

The only place these games were hyped the way you make it seem was on N4G. I only started seeing LBP commercials before Xmas, and I haven't seen any R2 or Motorstorm commercials yet.

R2 sold a million copies in 2 months & got like 90% average rating. How is that a flop? OMFG it was so hyped blah blah... Who Overhyped it? People on the forums... wow they account for about 0.01% of the consumers world wide.

I own all three of those games you mentioned, and they are all great. I also own Gears 2, which a great game.

Why do you always have to hate? Just play the fvcking games...

crackling4205d ago

...yeah, because what other people buy and purchase (i.e. sales) should determine whether or not a game is good/bad.... i'm sure nintendogs is one of the greatest games of all time because of that too, right? how about GTAIV?

I've played all of the mentioned besides motorstorm 2, and i'm not complaining one bit... does it make you more happy to play a game enjoyed by the masses? i bet if 5 ppl bought halo 3/gears/whatever large selling title, that game would now be trash, correct? (just to add: i enjoy halo 3 and gears as well because i played them, not based on IF OTHER PEOPLE BOUGHT THEM)

love how n4g is a breeding ground for individuals who base their opinions on what other people do/say/buy....

Gambit074205d ago

@crackling: you should definitely pick up Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, best racing game I've played, it's THAT good.

tda-danny4204d ago

Agreed man!! Motorstorm 2 was bloody brilliant!

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MaximusPrime4206d ago

i wouldnt call LBP a flop.

it would have released worldwide but Sony respectfully delayed EU dates because of some apparently Islamic quote in one of the soundtracks.

Now LBP is becoming successful as sales beginning to catch up. People are buying LBP.

BananaSlug4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

"Resistance 2

Sales: 1.01 million
Metacritic Score: 87

However, a lackluster single player campaign and forced comparisons to Gears of War 2 because of the close proximity of their release dates prevented this game from shining."

Max Power4206d ago

i just bought a copy today, and i can't wait to go home and play it....2 more days!

darkequitus4206d ago

What do you need to sell not to be classed as a flop?

Bob Dole4206d ago

Halo numbers unfortunately.