LOW-FI Gameplay, KARA 5 is Alive continues to impress - coming to (PS5/PSVR 2/PC/PCVR)

Sci-fi/cyberpunk themed game from developer IRIS VR, LOW-FI is back this week in this latest update 0.51 entitled, “KARA 5 is Alive”. In case you didn’t know, KARA is the synthetic mortician who resides in the police station who you can now “chat-up” and do some fetch quests. The game will be available for PC via Steam, PS5 via the Playstation store alongside PC VR and PSVR 2 gamers.

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SullysCigar71d ago

I love the 'lo-fi' robot voices in this game. It's shaping up well - certainly captured that atmosphere. Such an impressive passion project.

Can't wait to play on my PSVR2, I've waited ages for this game to be ready!

bunt-custardly71d ago

This release will be most welcome on PSVR 2 with nothing else like it planned for this year or next.

SullysCigar71d ago

Still waiting for a release date for another cyberpunk game, Distortion VR. Looks fun, if less polished than Low-Fi. It was originally due over a year ago on PCVR and was confirmed for PSVR too, so presumably now PSVR2.

bunt-custardly71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

@SullysCigar (eww btw) Either I forgot about this game or it's a new one to me thanks. It almost looks like it was developed for Quest 2 initially? It's available now on Steam I can see. Not much fanfare surrounding it. Reminds me more of LONN than LOW-Fi.

SullysCigar70d ago

Lol at "eww btw" - the problem lies in your interpretation there, but I noticed the spoonerism you've opted for lmao

Yeah Distortion VR looks weaker that Low-Fi for sure, but it looks more 'gamey'. Be nice if it gets a rework for PSVR2 seeing as how it was intended for the last gen headset and never made it. I enjoy that kind of setting, but you're right, that one was looking a bit janky the last I saw.

XiNatsuDragnel71d ago

Lo-fi is really interesting idea imo.

darthv7270d ago

i love the blade runner-esq aesthetics. Looks intriguing.

Solitariussaint70d ago

Physical version of Low-Fi VR2 please.

jznrpg70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

This is a must buy for me . Hopefully they release a physical copy for PSVR2

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