WWE 2K23 ends Hogwarts Legacy's reign as champion | UK Boxed Charts

2K's game sold 26% fewer boxed copies at launch compared with last year's title: WWE 2K22. 2K22 was the first title in the series for over two years, and so it may have benefitted from strong pent-up demand from fans. This is purely physical sales, and digital sales may also make up the difference. In terms of other new releases, Nintendo's Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon debuts at No.21. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Azure by NIS America is at No.24, and Signalis from Humble Games is at No.27.

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Nyxus67d ago

Trails of Azure at 24, this series really deserves more attention.

shinoff218366d ago

Truer words never spoken. Trails is a fantastic series.

cammers199566d ago

These wwe games suck. Always the same game every new release with some minor changes like some new wrestlers and new modes.