There's A Big Reason Why Remakes Are So Popular Right Now

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned from the current popularity of remakes. They’re hardly a new phenomenon, as video games have long held a perpetual fascination for nostalgia and how consumers are consistently eager to consume experiences they’re already familiar with.

Embracing new things can be difficult, so to replay stories, catch up with characters, and remember mechanics we already think fondly of can be comforting. But such projects are far more exciting if they aim to take risks, either by subverting the original vision or building upon it with surprise revisions or a profound understanding of the legacy it seeks to pilfer. It is a risky endeavor, although the past few years have proven how ideas that worked decades ago are just as effective today.

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rlow175d ago

I really think at least part of the issue as to why there are so many remakes. This generation and last generation, is the lack of variety of Big Titles. Once a company does find success the enticement of the money to milk the franchise is strong.

curtain_swoosh74d ago

i disagree with that.
one of the reasons, imo, is new tech and possibilities.

Army_of_Darkness73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

If that were the case, they should be remaking games from the ps1/ps2 era. Now that would be an actual challenge. What they're remaking now is extremely safe. Using only very popular, well received games that already has a laid out foundation as in gameplay, character perspective, personality, etc.. All they're essentially doing is making the game look prettier with a small touch of this and that.
But don't get me wrong, I enjoy these remakes, it's just that it's not much of a challenge too do all these remakes they've recently done.
I'd say FF7 is the only remake that looks and plays very different from the original in every way and yet, it still feels like FF7! Now that is bringing an outdated game back to life with modern technology! Quite the accomplishment!

GoodGuy0975d ago

Because most new AAA games just aren't... good anymore and unoriginal lol. Remakes and remasters need to be done to remind them of what made games from decades ago so good. I truly feel AAAs are now only made by corporates rather than gamers and dedicated talents...which mostly only indies can accomplish now.

Boy do I miss the old days of gaming...

Good-Smurf74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Agreed, one of the best game I've ever played this year so far was Night In The Woods, an indie title from 2017 it was so good that it actually motivated me to finally learn and play a bass guitar.
I mostly touch and go most stuff released on current gen consoles and PC nowadays, only new bold risk taking exclusives are what I'm looking forward to and they're not that much out there be it from PlayStation or Nintendo.
Missed their experimental concept games of early PS1 and PS3 days.
Remakes are good and all but it shouldn't be what all AAA games amounted to nowadays other than chore open world fests and GaaS.
Hope the big two finally revealed something new and original this year.

shinoff218374d ago

I don't think the ps3 Era was experimental at all. You gotta go back to snes ps1 ps2 for that. I actually point to the ps3 Era as the point games stopped being experimental. It's coming back now though imo. Indies are ushering it right back

itBourne74d ago

It is because AAA studios are just ran by suits.. There are no original projects, everyone is just trying to imitate each other to get a slice of that pie.. rather than bake their own damn pie and be the next popular flavor...

shinoff218374d ago

It Bourne, I can definitely see that. Especially all the multi-player games like evil dead , clowns from outer space, Ghostbusters, those games could've been some really dope single player games.

shinoff218374d ago

I'd say aaa games are about the same as they were during ps3 360 era. You gotta go back pretty far.

There's still really good games coming out these days. Some of these indie devs will rise and be the nexts aaa studio. Bigger companies are afraid to take chances these days. Indies aren't. There's such a variety these days it reminds me of the ps1 Era lite. Just need some more rpgs preferably jrpgs for me

Auron74d ago

Because there is no more creativity. People are to scared of the mob. No freedom to make what you want.

ABizzel174d ago

That and it's a big investment financially. If they drop it flop these days, it hurts significantly more than it use to. 1 - 2 flops can now put smaller companies out of business since AAA games now cost 10s of millions to create and market. And that's without any development struggles, if they fall into development hell, the company can tank before even releasing the game.

AAA gaming is a double-edged sword, and publishing companies are too afraid to let developers be creators and try something new.

MadLad74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It's the publishers, themselves, that let the AAA space balloon out of control.
I play way more indie and "AA" experiences than I do AAA.
I also get way more varied and memorable experiences.

I still play Insurgency Sandstorm at least once a week. BF2042 was basically dead within a month.

Smaller, more concise teams. Stop throwing half of your budget just into marketing. Learn to market smarter; not just more expensive.

shinoff218374d ago


Agree 100 percent on the indie standpoint.

SenorFartCushion74d ago

People are more creative than ever but studios don’t want creativity. With creativity comes discussion. They want to serve you gray slop and nothing else

MadLad74d ago

Resident Evil 4 is what a remake should be. It's not a reboot. It's also not a 1:1 carbon copy of the original game, and was modernized to create a better experience by today's standards.

If a game doesn't feel antiquated, it doesn't need to be remade. There are companies that don't share that thought, in the name of an easy paycheck.

masterfox74d ago

because developers are lacking talent for new engrossing games, and the few new games or IPs that releases today usually most of the time effing sucks, so cause of the laziness and lack of talent they have no choice but to release old IPs and with a new coat of paint of top, and as you can see the Remakes from old games (years or decades old) still can sell very well and this shows that old stuff can never be forgotten when done right, it will always pass the test of time, but ultimately why Remakes are still so damn good and popular?, because again todays new trends freaAKING SUCKS!!!, and this applies to music, movies, and other forms of entertainments, the "new" idealism of todays crystal society are the ones fault why new great stuff can't be put outhere, everyone is offended so easily, a freaking simple poster can trigger a multitude lol.

SenorFartCushion74d ago

There are more talented and creative devs than ever, but they are not allowed to be creative and show this talent off. It’s the studios.

Noskypeno74d ago

I'm on the border of Zoomer/millennial, and yeah I agree, this generation while it has its moments of greatness just doesn't seem to have what the past had. When Bungie was interviewed in the past, investors and shareholders were not at the top of the list for their motivation to create, it was to build the games they wanted to make. I don't like how the only requirement for a celebrity to get famous these days is to be edgy. In the past comedians and musicians didn't need to swear every other second, they didn't have to wear the goofiest outfits to awards shows to get noticed.

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