Phil Spencer Reaffirms Plans to Open Xbox Digital Store on Mobile

Microsoft wants to compete with Google and Apple by opening up its own Xbox digital storefront on mobile devices.

XiNatsuDragnel80d ago

Of course I want to see this by making mobile only studios and getting ready for this venture.

Jin_Sakai79d ago

“Microsoft wants to compete with Google and Apple by opening up its own Xbox digital storefront on mobile devices.“

You want to compete with Google and Apple while using their platforms to harness your own store? You lost that chance when Windows 10 mobile died.

VenomUK79d ago

* The law is going to change allowing third-party stores on iOS and Android.

* It means where Microsoft was previously locked out from smartphone profits because of its Windows Phone failure, it will be able to launch the Xbox store, and for every game sold on it it can now make 30%.

* This is one of the ways that Microsoft is looking at developing its Xbox business post-console.

Profchaos79d ago

Surely that is only in a specific region

VenomUK79d ago

@Profchaos Yes, this will be in the EU region. But once the Xbox Store is up an running Microsoft will be able to easily make the case to the US government that its citizens are being denied choice and products that are available in Europe so I suspect after that it will be an inevitability that it will eventually change its laws as will other countries.

notachance79d ago

ah yes MS would know a thing or two about denying choice to the citizens

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blackbeld79d ago

No thanks Microsoft. I know this already, YOU WILL FAIL AGAIN!

BandarHub79d ago

Xbox HAs only a Handful of Mobile Developers.
I predict that this will be a Gamepass store where majority of the games will be streamable rather than download on your phone.
If they have Call of duty on gamepass, people will flock to subscribe.

anast79d ago

They will start developing more mobile games and porting them to console.

jeromeface78d ago

stadia for your phone, sounds like a great idea /s

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