Why PC Remains the RTS King

Gotgame writes: "Given that whole "the best way to cure a gangrene bullet wound is with a bone saw" methodology espoused by Civil War doctors, I'd say Mr. Sherman was on to something. Trying to play any sort of RTS game on a console gives credence to the General's brash claim. Playing RTS's with a controller gets me in touch with my inner Civil War amputee, mostly because the clunky controls make me feel like I'm missing a hand.

The point I'm ambling toward is how much better suited PCs are to handle to the frantic micromanagement intrinsic to waging digital war on a mass scale. There's a lot going on in any given battle - what with the assorted factions embracing mob mentality and trying their damndest to kill one another - and having more buttons means having more control. The ability to assign hotkeys to groups of soldiers sets the PC apart as an RTS powerhouse."

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LinuxGuru4211d ago

This will remain the fact until devs give consoles kb / m support for strategy and / or RPG titles

RPG Guy4211d ago

...but console RTS can be a tricky experience. Here's hoping.

And yeah, until full support comes along, RTS belongs on PC...and that along with FPS is really all PC gaming has...or has had, for a long time.

Swiftfox4211d ago

It always boils down to matter of controls. The PC may be the home of the RTS, however the RTS genre could easily find a home on consoles if it wasn't for the controls.

Even though consoles now can support Keyboard and Mouse features the devs behind the game can not solely depend on everyone having one. So they must create a layout on the controller that works with the game they are trying to make.

So far no headway has been made to make the RTS more playable with a controller only option. Until that happens we won's see many RTS's on consoles.

PirateThom4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Console RTS games are near unplayable.

It may be the only genre where a KB/M is a requirement, not an option. You can play most other genres with a controller, but RTS just does not work.