Tips on surviving The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution on PS VR2

Master your skills as you make your way through undead New Orleans in this new chapter in the Tourist’s story, out March 21.

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SullysCigar68d ago

It looks great on PSVR2. All comparisons I've seen are choosing PSVR2 over PCVR, some even tested on a brand new 4090 with $1500 headsets and said the PSVR2 matches detail and maintains a better framerate - solid 90fps (without the need for reprojection). Combine that with the best blacks, whites and popping colours out there, the adaptive triggers and haptics you can't get anywhere else and PSVR2 is your clear winner.

Bonkers when you look at the price difference!

Eidolon67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

$1500 headsets. You probably mean Quest Pro? (keep in mind, Quest Pro is still using compression via USB/Wireless like Quest 2 not a fair comparison to PCVR as a whole, since there are native PCVR experiences with high resolutions displays, unlike the Valve Index, which is low, comparably).. 4090 gpu comparisons to PSVR2 are 100% from Quest2/Pro or Pico, or from lower resolution displays like Valve Index(which is $1000)

SullysCigar67d ago

Couple of things here; yes, I was referring to Quest Pro paired with 4090. It was outshone by PSVR2 and PS5, but I appreciate your explanation as to why it falls short. Valve Index was still $1500 about 3 weeks ago when I last looked at RRP on Amazon - this includes cameras and controllers, although the headset alone (what use is that?) is at $1000. Even JUST the headset is more expensive than PS5 and PSVR2 together and in many ways feels tired by comparison.

I'm pleased with the PSVR2 and firmly believe it's the best option out there outside of maybe the Pimax Crystal, which is $1600+, doesn't have HDR and isn't even out yet. There are headsets that do some individual things better than PSVR2, but they're all double/three times the price and none come close to the all-round experience offered by PSVR2.

Eidolon67d ago

Looking forward to this, S&S was a great experience, if not a defining experience for VR.