Elden Ring's Malenia Boss Battle Was Attempted Over 300 Million Times, New Infographic Reveals

Malenia, Blade of Miquella is Elden Ring's most deadly boss, as the battle was attempted almost 330 million times since the game's release

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P_Bomb75d ago

Hurts so good! I beat her once, but my kid beat her twice. I’ve been usurped, lol!

Snookies1274d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I recall having 10 health flasks left on her second stage with one hit left to kill her, but still dying... That was soul crushing. But I did go back and beat her after that. I honestly think she's easier than the second to last main story boss after they patched the game... *SPOILERS AHEAD FOR BOSS NAME* I used to have no issues with Radagon before they buffed them. I was at like 140, I think? And could easily beat Radagon back in the day. Now I'm at 170 and find that fight more of a pain to deal with than Malenia... In the sense that you still have to save some flasks for the final boss after.

P_Bomb74d ago

Oh wow that WAS soul crushing! I felt your pain just now. Glad you got her after that. The universe owed you one!

DarXyde73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

For me, Elden Ring was much easier than other games in the genre. I think Malenia got the better of me 2-3 times before I beat her. That is astonishingly fast for me because I often make silly mistakes.

I compare my death count with her to bosses from the Dark Souls series like Nameless King, Darkeater Midir, and Black Dragon Kalameet and it's unreal.

It really highlights your play style when you talk with friends about which bosses they struggled with because the answer is often different.

DrDoomer74d ago

Her regenerating health from hitting you, was the most brutal part.

Hofstaderman74d ago

300 million plus curse words…lol

on_line_forever74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

One of the most things I like in fromsoftware games is unique boss's, I remember a lot of them even after 2 & 3 years specially the hardest boss's

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