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Games Asylum: "Prior to this belated PS4/PS5 release, the controversial Postal series has remained a PC exclusive since its 1997 debut. Not only is this console iteration a surprise for breaking tradition, but for a series famous for ultra-violence – even resulting in earlier entries being banned – it came as a surprise that I wasn’t forced to fire a single bullet in Postal 4 until around an hour of play. And even then, the hapless foe in my sights was a giant rat – duly found in a sewer."

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Amplitude75d ago

"Prior to this belated PS4/PS5 release, the controversial Postal series has remained a PC exclusive since its 1997 debut" mmmmmh thats not true Postal Redux came out on Switch PS4 and Mobile

CrimsonWing6975d ago

Game journalism…

Where the audience knows more than them.

Amplitude75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I asked ChatGPT to write a review for it. I might just get my game review this way lmao
Postal 4: No Regerts is a game that tries to be a satirical and outrageous comedic open world first person shooter, but fails miserably on almost every level. The game follows the Postal Dude and his dog Champ as they explore the town of Edensin, Arizona, looking for work and their stolen belongings. The game offers a variety of errands to complete each day, from Monday to Friday, but most of them are either boring, repetitive, or nonsensical. The game also features combat scenarios that are supposed to be chaotic and fun, but instead are frustrating and dull due to poor enemy AI, clunky controls, and bland weapons.

The game’s humor is also one of its weakest points. The game relies heavily on crude jokes, stereotypes, and references that are either outdated or offensive. The game tries to be controversial and edgy, but it comes across as immature and desperate. The game also lacks any meaningful commentary or satire on social issues or current events. Instead, it just mocks everything without any substance or wit.

The game’s technical performance is also abysmal. The game looks dated and ugly, with low-resolution textures, bland environments, and stiff animations. The game also suffers from frequent crashes, glitches, bugs, and frame rate drops that make it hard to play without frustration.

Overall, Postal 4: No Regerts is a terrible game that should be avoided by anyone who values their time and money. It is not fun, funny, or engaging in any way. It is a waste of potential that does not live up to its predecessors or its genre. It is nothing but regerts.

MadLad75d ago

Most of them are just bloggers with a false sense of superiority.
Someone goes out and pays the lowest dollar to put up a cheap site, then trick people into writing for them for free in return for "editor credits", as they're the only ones making any money via the ad revenue.

Anybody who isn't just putting their work out, themselves, via places like YouTube and whatnot are being played.

porkChop74d ago

It's such a simple thing to double check. A quick google search. That's just carelessness.

P_Bomb75d ago

I’ve never played a Postal. Feelin’ like that’s not gonna change, lol. Although if it came to GP…

Shiore2u74d ago

Playing Postal correctly starts with not taking it seriously, because it sure as hell doesn't either.