UAE Daily News Review: Ghajini

UAE Daily News: "Who is "GHAJINI"? For one man who has nothing left in his life, it is the end of a long road. Sanjay's last memory is the brutal murder of his girlfriend Kalpana and her last whispered word - "Ghajini". Will he find what he is looking for and avenge her murder? Experience the story through the unique perspective of a man who forgets but does not forgive.

Experience his panic and paranoia as he comes to grips with his condition and tries to make sense of a world that is rapidly fading. Help him piece together the fragments of his life by sneaking into heavily guarded buildings searching for a reason to go on. Join him as he fights against those who have taken away his past, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Find out what lies at the end of that road."

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infekt4198d ago

Erm.. can you say "Memento ripoff"?

The_EE_God4198d ago

Memento ripoff

Can I has bubbles pweeze?

sinncross4198d ago

Here is a review I did for the film:

It's basically a remake of Memento.

jkhan4198d ago

Actually calling it a remake of Memento is an insult. They ripped the idea and gave it an Indian touch, while in the mean time the raped the whole concept.

belal4197d ago

this is a remake of an old tamil movie or something! so if anything is a ripof, its memento :)