Rebel Moon RPG of 'Ridiculous Scale' in the Works, Snyder Says

Zack Snyder confirmed that his upcoming sci-fi movie Rebel Moon is being adapted into a videogame RPG of 'ridiculous scale'.

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-Foxtrot71d ago

Why not wait and see how the film does first?

Army of the Dead could have been great but it just fell apart and was plot hole ridden.

Godmars29071d ago


Silly Foxtrot, don't you know how viral marketing works nowadays?

First you promote your (junk) media, then you make it! Does the Rebel Moon movie even have a release date? Bet he's to work anything of substance in game development.

And FFS, though he's got that movie, now apparently starting to talk cross media, the man's still on about his version of Justice League.

shinoff218371d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Sci fi rpg,show me more please. Love sci fi love sci fi games. Unless it's online play. Huge pass for me.

Sgt_Slaughter71d ago

Take his word with a grain of salt, if his DC shenanigans and dude bro attitude are anything to go by.