Square Enix Adds 'The World Ends With You' Music Update To Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

This update adding 'The World Ends With You' Music is now live - you can access it via Season Pass 1 or the Digital Deluxe upgrade.

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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Review - RPGamer

Square Enix has a new Theatrhythm title to celebrate the much-loved music of Final Fantasy. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line gives fans ample opportunity to enjoy a huge selection of fantastic tracks.


Theatrhythm Final Bar Line April Update To Introduce Playback Timing Range Increase And More

A new Theatrhythm Final Bar Line update will go live next month on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, introducing some welcome improvements

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VersusDMC442d ago

This game has zanarkand, melodies of life and other iconic songs as DLC...wait for a sale on the deluxe edition if you really want it. There is a 133 CAN edition day 1.

Still baffled there are no articles about the DLC shenanigans of this game.


February 2023 PS Store download ranking announced for Japan

PS Blog Japan: "February 2023 Download Ranking Announced on PlayStation®Store! We will introduce a total of four rankings for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR2, and free-to-play titles. The US/Canada monthly rankings are also posted, so please check them out as well. "Hogwarts Legacy" is the number one download ranking for PS5 in February 2023. 2nd place is "WILD HEARTS". And the third place was "Monster Hunter Rise"."

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LG_Fox_Brazil456d ago

Wild Hearts in second!!! That's very nice, the game is so freaking good