Sony Files Cross-Platform NFT Trading Framework Patent for Gaming

Interested in PlayStation NFTs? Sony has filed a patent for a framework for cross-platform NFT trading, buying and more.

-Foxtrot80d ago


Don't you dare Sony...

lelo2play80d ago

It will be a success. Sony gamers will puchase anything with the name Sony, even NFT's.

Hofstaderman80d ago

Not me. I refuse to support NFT.

northpaws80d ago

Only Xbox gamers blindly support a platform with empty promises for a decade, not PS gamers. We stay on our platform because it actually have good games.

FPS_D3TH80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Sony isn’t Nintendo, friendo

LordoftheCritics80d ago

Sony is about to cut off its own legs.

1Victor79d ago

Nice try lelo buddy mommy Microsoft is calling you back under the bridge hurry up.

Personally all I can say is I’m not going to support this and I’m disappointed that Sony is jumping in with this scam 😩

shinoff218379d ago


Well your full of shit. On that note though atleast we purchase. Am I right 😘

curtain_swoosh79d ago

since you started the argument..
no, u confuse us with xbox players.

InUrFoxHole79d ago

They absolutely will. I remember when they swore up and down they wouldn't pay for psn...

notachance79d ago

no the blind support is Xbox's domain.

I'd give the middle finger to Sony if they even tried to implement this shit.

I_am_Batman79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

This is nonsense. You can't simply transfer an item from one game to another, just because a patent says you can. NFTs aren't magic. Having a skin or item present in two different games´requires devs to manually implement that item and link it to the NFT. Obviously some "collaboration" in that sense is possible, but it's hard to imagine this catching on beyond the odd gimmick, because it would require a significant amount of time to implement what essentially is ingame merchandising. I'm sure the idea is to use it for ads mainly, but I doubt many developers will be happy if the publisher expects them to work on that sort of stuff instead of making the game better. If this is what big publishers want I expect a big wave of brain drain out of the AAA industry to be honest.

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Eidolon79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Isn't Steam trading/market basically NFT? While I don't support NFT's and will not buy any, would be interesting if it's implemented the same way.

XiNatsuDragnel80d ago

Oof don't you dare Sony no no bad bad

Duke1980d ago

Terrible move. Casual reminder that none of these companies give a shit about the consumer - whatever it takes to make more money.

Man I hope NFTs don’t come into gaming in my lifetime

Eonjay80d ago

Square is already pushing them but I am not actually sure I would call what they are offering as a game as we would know it. In fact, I would appreciate it if they came up with a new term for it altogether to make it clear this isn't gaming. How do you even review something like what Symbiogenesis is going to be?

Gravesinger_80d ago

I hope NFTs don't come into gaming in ANYBODY's lifetime.

realplu79d ago

Why? How much do you know about NFT's? I mean have you investigated them or just heard bad things? I'm truly interested in why all the bad feelings around NFT's.

Duke1979d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@realplu - Its just another means to monetize in game assets. Imagine attaching a real world price tag to every piece of armor you find in a videogame?

Will it get that bad from the get go? No - but the idea to develop in game assets with the sole purpose of them having a tangible monetary value beyond simply what the end user paid to play the game itself, has almost 0 benefit to consumers. Its purely to maximize profit, like loot boxes or any other now sadly "standard" cash grab.

realplu79d ago

@Duke19 Thanks for the reply. That was helpful and I get it.

We know that the cost to produce games will continue to rise. We know that companies will continue to look for ways to recoup and profit from their labor. But NFT'S could be a way for the player to benefit from their labor in acquiring some valuable gear. They can trade it or sell it to someone that is willing to pay for it. Or they could build a large collection and save it like art.

I don't see why adding this as a option is such a non starter for so many. I don't buy loot boxes. I usually don't buy or care for skins in games but the option is there.

MadLad79d ago

But acquisitions are wrong.

jznrpg79d ago

Yes they are. This is just a patent . MS also has a bunch of patents for blockchain crap too. Hopefully neither of them implement them very far.

shinoff218379d ago


Don't forget the patent about that sounded like ads in during gaming

I_am_Batman79d ago

This has nothing to do with acquisitions.