Bandai Namco is Opening Another Massive Arcade in Tokyo's Famous Red Light District

Bandai Namco announced that it will open another massive arcade complex in the Kabukicho area of Japan's capital city, Tokyo.

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DarXyde75d ago

Good ol' Kabukicho. Didn't realize Namco opened another location in Akihabara at the beginning of the month either.

Tokyo is outlandishly pricey, but man, there's something so amazing about being able to walk around and do a bar crawl with arcades and karaoke.

I'd love to visit again, but it's just so damn cost prohibitive. Maybe I'll do a week in the winter when I can snowboard. And maybe not this year. 🫠

XiNatsuDragnel75d ago

More arcades = more arcade games nice

Knushwood Butt75d ago

Unfortunately most arcades are just full of UFO Catchers and medal games. Medal games can be entertaining, but times have changed.

DarXyde75d ago

Last time I visited, that was definitely the case. It was around the time Persona 5 came out. I forget where they are, but there were still some gems hiding in the sea of claw machine arcades