A Brief Overview of the Sony - Nintendo Rivalry

Today Sony and Nintendo are viewed as intense rivals in what’s known as the console wars. As shown, they were once almost partners. It’ll always be a curiosity at what they could have come up with together, but sometimes, competition is what leads to quality. So who knows what things would have looked like if their partnership had stayed intact and what games would have come from the CD-based Nintendo PlayStation.

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ApocalypseShadow80d ago

A brief overview of Sony and Nintendo.

Nintendo kicked ass. Sony then kicked their ass. Then kicked it again. Then Sony got their ass kicked. Sony went mobile and got in some good licks but their ass was kicked. Sony got up for another round of mobile but completely got their ass kicked. Nintendo went hybrid mobile while Sony stayed true. Both are kicking ass but it's unsure if either is kicking the other's ass. Sony is currently kicking ass and we're waiting for Nintendo to step into the main ring or stay hybrid the next round.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's ass was kicked from both companies in both butt cheeks. And it's now trying to buy other successful fighters who kick ass to try to own the fight arena.


Godmars29078d ago

More fair to say MS's been kicking their own, and only their own, @$$ all this time.

Even that one time they said they kicked Sony's @$$ with 360 vs the PS3, but then that was only Sony kicking their own @$$ as MS managed to recover from yet another self @$$-kick with RRoD, only to multiply kick their own @$$ in one go with the XB1.


You can see a teardown of it from Ben Heck:
I posted part 1.

Profchaos78d ago

I'd say for the home console market thru hit a fork in the road around 2006 and began targeting different demographics even their handhelds were aimed at different demographics.

Still glad no one went the way of Sega and both remain strong to this day