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The PlayStation Brahs:

"Tetris. The name that everyone knows and may be one of the games that more people have played has been around for decades that had spanned books, video documentaries, and films.

Now Tetris Effect: Connected is on the PS VR2. How does it 'stack' up to the PS VR1 version?"

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SullysCigar70d ago

"spanned books, video documentaries, and films" - don't forget science (The Tetris Effect was a study that described seeing things in your mind's eye long after you've finished a repeated activity, like when you play too much Tetris and all you can see when you close your eyes is the falling blocks!) and music (there was a cool club adaptation of the theme tune a few decades back!).

Great game - the best Tetris by miles in my opinion, and this is comfortably the best version.